Yes, it is obvious, but to be honest isn’t it pretty much how we all feel? Who knew Theresa May could be a moderate candidate. Or at least the most rational one.

Leadsom’s campaign over this weekend may as well have been run by Michael Gove as it has staggered from one farce to another. The comments re motherhood were unbelievable – although I noted the press are not so outraged when similar comments have been made in the past against prominent SNP politicians.

The claims of bullying were laughable. Sometimes it’s best just to shut up, and not dig a bigger hole. I would say that it amazes me that she’s got this far in politics without anyone checking her CV or calling her out on her views, but then IDS got away with it for years.

So, we now have Theresa May as PM in waiting. And I can’t imagine she’ll want to wait long. As for her speech today with its defense of working people, attacks on big business and defense of employee rights, I refer you to her voting record.

It also reminds me of Thatcher reciting the Prayer of St. Francis as she entered Downing Street, and we ALL know how that turned out.

At the same time Angela Eagle was finally announcing her candidacy to be leader of the Labour party. (Her branding is pink – give me strength)

Piss up & brewery comes to mind, as her event was completely overshadowed by the Leadsom announcement.

Warning: only watch if you have disabled your ability to cringe.


Source: Guardian Wires

Somehow I doubt Robert Peston’s apology will make up for that embarrassment

So the #ChickenCoup continues its dynamic progress, with votes of no confidence being called for a number of the PLP ringleaders, Angela included.

AT THE SAME TIME some of the Labour party are calling for a snap election as Theresa  May hasn’t been elected by anyone. Like they are in any state to attract voters right now.

I’ve got beyond the “you couldn’t make the up stage.” To be honest I wake with a mixture of impending horror each morning wondering just what the British political system will throw up next.


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