Never dull


Another one of these days when it seems like politics is on speed. Never assume anything is today’s lesson.

Corbyn is able to stand in the Labour leadership election. All those crowing that the NEC secret ballot was to stop intimidation of rebels now have egg on their face, and credence is added to the rumours that some only resigned from the Corbyn cabinet because of pressure to do so. If so, my comment to those who did so is; “Go get yourself a backbone FFS.”

In the meantime, to try to slow the expected avalanche of support for him there was some “tweaking” of voting eligibility.


It looks like they aren’t so confident of the success of their #StopCorbyn campaign. These new rules may bite them in the arse if all the new members object, this was still on their website this evening.




The interesting side of this new voting eligibility is that it can be got round by joining a union.


I can see that going down well in certain quarters.

Of course if you want to hear a full-on tantrum, there’s always McTernan.

Got to give the guy credit, he’s loyal – to Blair.

Weird his objection to the unions when the party’s website says the following


The Labour party under Corbyn is engaging people in politics, something that I think many MPs are afraid of – their electorate may find out just what they have and have not been voting for.

An engaged, informed electorate is a good thing. To be honest, I don’t care so much how you vote, as long as you have a good reason for it, one that you can defend and not just “I saw it on the TV/read it in the paper.”

I don’t want everyone to agree – especially not with me – how fucking boring would that be? I want debate – with experts involved – because that way we hopefully get better decision-making. Lets face it, the EU Referendum was a prime example of how not to do politics – which ever side you were on.

I want a Labour party who remembers it is about people and not business. There’s a big difference between pragmatism and rolling over for big business.

I want them to stand FOR something:

In Westminster stop being just a slightly watered down version of whatever the Tories are offering. Being less crap is not an alternative, look at what happened to the party in Scotland, the same mistakes are being repeated in England but there people are turning to UKIP. I don’t understand it, but I suppose it is in part due to all the publicity they’ve had.

In Holyrood, stop sniping from the sidelines. Yes, I am a member of the SNP but the party needs an effective opposition to stop us sliding into bad ways. Offer alternatives, reason debate, not just “you shouldn’t do it like that”. That’s lazy, and you should be better than that.

Corbyn is not a charismatic leader, but he has principles and dear god that’s what the Labour party needs right now. If only he had a PLP that attacked the Tories with half the gusto they attack him.  He may not be exactly what Labour needs but bloody hell no one will ever convince me that Angela Eagle is a better alternative.

The main thing that pisses me off is this is such a distraction and waste of time. Chilcot was announced less than a week ago and it’s disappeared, same as the Tory Election Fraud and the Panama Papers. Never mind the clusterfuck that Brexit is going to be.

In the meantime Ruth Davidson has been sooking up to the new boss *insert Imperial Death March music* and coming out with an atrocious stand up routine – I would say stick to the day job but…

If Ruth wants to describe herself as a short-haired, flat shoes, shovel-faced lesbian with a northern accent that’s fine with me, but I would object if anyone else called her that and I don’t think it’s right that she uses those terms to describe anyone else. Criticise politics, behaviour but not looks or fucking dress-sense. The media do that enough without politicians playing along.

Yes I’ve described Theresa May as Cruella de Vil (and the Emperor) but that’s because her policies are fucking scary. I’ve also called Cameron ham-faced but not because I think he looks like an overcooked pig.

Ugh, speaking of which – why the hell is anyone is trying to praise his term in office? The man is an entitled, useless, shite even his friend James Delingpole he was “hard pressed” to name any achievements after six years as Prime Minister.

Cameron had said that he wanted to be Prime Minister “because I think I’d be good at it.” No drive, no commitments, just a string of PR soundbites. Well don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


2 thoughts on “Never dull

  1. Thanks for keeping me mildly sane as politics happens across the border, well, in England mostly. I enjoy the acerbic wit in what is a disgraceful demonstration of democracy at work – and I’m a democrat!


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