Two days

Everything has been so fast, so full-on for the last few weeks, I thought I would try for a normal day on yesterday. A day without politics.

It started off ok, and I managed not just one but two walks. I even considered housework – but didn’t want to do anything rash.

It was pleasant, got some reading done, some paperwork completed. But by the evening the Twitter urge had kicked in again. I thought Friday night, gonna be fine, the usual..

So I got to see the attempted coup unfold in Turkey. I know very little about politics in that area of the world, something I keep meaning to rectify although I do pick up bits from the erudite and dapper Robert J Somynne. I do know I feel for those living there and what might happen over the next few months and years .  Somehow I don’t think President Erdoğan is the type of man who will go easy on those involved.

As for commentators who think political intolerance started in Scotland – yet another in a long line of hyperbole/hysteria – maybe it’s time they considered looking at countries that are truly going through upheaval instead of worrying about how their cosy lives may be slightly inconvenienced – mainly because people have stopped listening to their words of wisdom.

Today on the other hand, I knew was going to be political, standing up to be counted.

Rallies are sometimes seen as a waste of time. They may not bring down governments and as with signing petitions I sometimes wonder what good they do. But  if we didn’t do them our passiveness would be classed as agreement.

Even when the cause feels hopeless just knowing that you aren’t the only one who feels strongly over an issue can help you keep going. When you see the huge pro-independence rallies in Catalonia you can’t help but feel that they will eventually succeed. Of course they have their own media which helps no end – @weegingerdug can explain that so much better than I can.

Today I attended two rallies in Glasgow both at our iconic Buchanon Steps; the first “Trident No More” was described as a flash demo as it was arranged so quickly in response to Cameron’s announcement of the Trident vote next Monday.


The one in Glasgow was attended by a number of speakers – unfortunately I only recognised the SNP ones; Carol Monaghan MPAlison Thewliss MP & Bill Kidd MSP. The Greens also had a large contingent as to be expected.

Then after a quick break back again for a second demo “Anti-Austerity, Anti-Racism” not as big as the first, but still a good turn out despite the rain and it had a good selection of speakers.

Of the last two days, today has actually been the best – so I give up, I’m going to embrace the politics. You can hold off the intervention for a bit longer.

Plus tomorrow I’m going to the Mela – and it’s always enjoyable.


Photos: mix of mine & @DefiAye

Poster: Stewart Bremner


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