Terminally stupid

Updated 22 January 2017

So as well as being pointless, inherently dangerous to those living near it, and a stupendous waste of money,  IT DOESN’T WORK!

The Government hiding last June’s test results from Parliament prior to their vote, well nothing surprises me and to be honest I would expect the same if it had been a Labour administration. The British Government (no matter their political leaning) love “owning” their own WMDs.

I mean look at Murphy’s face (I know) but the only thing that would have made him happier than hold a model of a Vanguard submarine is stroking an actual missile (you can add your own jokes here)

May’s weasel words on Marr today is symptomatic of her approach to everything.


If only we had a press that actually questioned power; you get the impression that Marr wants to make sure there’s no awkwardness in a post interview brunch.

Who knows what the US military thought when they saw one of their own missiles heading towards them. The thought of that happening now Trump is President…

Original piece 18th July 2016

I wasn’t going to do a piece on Trident – I’ve said before I believe it is financially, militarily and ethically stupid.

In fact I  find it hard to believe ANYONE could think nuclear weapons are anything other than the equivalent of a penis-extension for countries. Oooh look at us and our big phallic shaped rockets. Marvel as we shoot them out of our ugly submarines.

However today I saw a post on FB saying something along the lines of we should keep them as otherwise we would not be pulling our weight as NATO members. So here goes:

There are 28 NATO states – USA, France & UK are NPT-designated nuclear weapon states, and Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Turkey classed as NATO nuclear weapons sharing states.

Therefore there are 20 states without nuclear weapons – are they all scroungers?

Iceland is a member and they not even required to have a standing army due to their strategic position.

The only reason UK has nuclear weapons is to feel it still is a big player, and to be honest I can think of better ways to spend the money. We keep  being told this is a time of austerity. Getting rid of food banks, investing in hospitals, schools, infrastructure, renewable energy seems a much more sensible priority.

So here’s where I repeat myself…

We will never use it  – I know this is Yes Minister, but I still think it makes a very valid point.

What the UK hold is a token number of armaments compared to the mind-fucking stupid arsenals held by USA, USSR & China – it’s like having a pea shooter in comparison. Just what impact would we have. I’m sure Putin quakes in fear every nigh at our 215, compared to the US’s 7,260 or his 7,500.

Nuclear forces

Replacing Trident goes against the principle of non-proliferation. So I guess that would make us one of those rogue states?

The military would rather we spent the money on other things, this article was from 2009 when the cost was only estimated at £20 billion. And again in 2015.

There are so many other new toys that I am sure they want to get their hands on. One thing humanity seems to be good at is finding different ways to kill one another. And lets face it what good is Trident in our current conflicts? Governments seem keener on out-sourcing to private companies, or using drones and special forces, so they can reduce their transparency to their own people.

There are a number of Tories who have questioned the value for money of Trident renewal. A prime example being Michael Portillo who stated:

Our independent nuclear deterrent is not independent and doesn’t constitute a deterrent against anybody that we regard as an enemy. It is a waste of money and it is a diversion of funds that might otherwise be spent on perfectly useful and usable weapons and troops. But some people have not caught up with this reality.”

As he said it’s not even a “British” bomb.  A recent study led by Dr Dan Plesch, the director of the Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy at the University of London, said

The British public have been lied to for decades by an establishment that dare not tell them the truth.

The report concludes:

The UK has not for decades been an independent nuclear weapons power and that in extremis the US has every ability to prevent the UK from using Trident even to the level of sinking submarines or shooting down missiles.

Then of course there’s the effects of Brixit, the Oxford Research Group’s open letter to the PM stating:

The revived debate over the future of Scotland within the UK casts further uncertainty over the viability and financial costs of the UK remaining a nuclear state given its reliance on a submarine-launched nuclear weapons system. It would be unwise at this time to make a multi-billion pound commitment to a weapons system tied to basing infrastructure that may be located outside of the national territory before the Successor submarines are commissioned. Relocation from the Clyde would, at best, incur additional multi-billion costs. At the minimum, it would be prudent to await Edinburgh’s formal response to the invocation of Article 50, should that be your Government’s chosen course.

But then as Brexit has already showed, this Government aren’t very good at forward planning.

I’ll admit  living in the fall out zone does make me a tad antsy, but saying that I have been a member of CND on and off since I was 16. It did seem galling when the MOD say Portsmouth is unsuitable as it would put 11,000 people at risk, when half of Scotland can be wiped out right now. Obviously it isn’t just a pound in the south that’s worth more, eh Johnson?

kill zone

The “protect jobs” argument is also fucking ridiculous, 521 jobs “depend” on Trident.  It’s not like those employed couldn’t be used to do other things, either military or non-military. They are supposed to be top quality engineers.

Even if it were the ridiculously over inflated 30,000 jobs  that certain sections of the Labour party keep using, it still works out at £7 million per job. I know that’s chicken feed to some of our MPs, but to the majority to us it seems a tad excessive. and you know, I think it’s a bit sick to say we keep WMDs because of jobs.

Or to put it another way:

Let us employ these people to do something worthwhile instead of incinerating civilian populations – because that’s what we are talking about.

I’m going to finish with the words of our new Chancellor, Philip Hammond (on Sky News 7/2/16)

North Korea seem to think possessing a nuclear weapon makes them safe. In fact it’s the opposite having a nuclear weapon makes them a target




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