Keeping calm

I’m back, refreshed and relaxed from a few days away. AND I’m going to try to stay that way for a little longer.

I’m not going to cover old ground about the Named Person case (you can if you wish read how I feel about it here) because Andrew Tickell has done a fantastically clear piece on the legal ruling.

I will however ask to all those crowing that “the SNP has been stopped” what will you say in a  few months time when the few bits of legislation that need tightening up has been changed and the scheme goes ahead? This is a scheme which the court said was “legitimate and benign.”

More importantly just what do you have against child protection?




One thought on “Keeping calm

  1. It’s despicable that some people will put politics above child protection.
    Anyone with more than one braincell knows that there’s not going to be a named person following families around just in case they are child abusers, yet this was the impression given by the spokesperson outside of the court.
    I sincerely hope he will just as publicly apologise right after the legislation goes ahead.
    I won’t hold my breath just in case he has no integrity, which I’m pretty sure he has not.


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