Nothing to see


Despite some mid-morning panic due to bus alterations I made it to the Glasgow March for Indy. There was a few of us on the bus, including a nice lady from Edinburgh who asked me for directions to the Botanic Gardens.

We never made it that far, as the march met us. There was a surreal moment when I was waving to Math Campbell from English Scots for Yes out of the bus window mouthing “I’ll be there in 2 minutes.” It was actually 5, partly because I had to explain what English Scots for Yes was to a slightly confused lower deck. This was followed by me running – yes, really – to catch up with them in the march.

I’m probably going to be deaf in my left ear for the next week as Math has a powerful set of vocal cords which he put to good use throughout the march. What with his shouting “Freedom,” the intermittent rain, and the sheer overpowering amazement at the number of people taking part, I think I had an attack of the giggles when I spoke to the lovely Michael Greenwell.

I didn’t get many pictures partly due to the flat phone battery but mainly because only being 5’2 in that crowd meant I couldn’t see! I remember stopping at the side and all I could see was a river of flags; Saltires, EU and then a collection of other nations flags – vile nationalists the lot of us 🙂

many flags
Picture courtesy of  Green Phil Art

It was a fantastic idea by Chris from Dundee (the one from that Question Time) and I hope it’s something we continue in future rallies.



The media has reported around 2,500 – 3,000 marchers (Even the BBC!) Whereas Police officers attending estimated around 4,000 and reports are that the organisers’ clicker count was 5,300. It took 14 minutes for everyone to leave the Botanic Gardens and people joined during the march.

We might have been able to get a good estimation from Glasgow City Council’s CCTV of George Square but remarkably enough it appears it’s went down from 11:54 as the march reached the square until just after 16:00 when everyone had gone home or to the pub.

These cameras outages seem to be remarkable, a pro-Union riot on the 19th September 2014 and a peaceful family friendly pro-Indy rally today. I’ve said it before and I know I’ll say it again, I cannot wait to get the stupid, inefficient and corrupt Labour party out of the City Chambers from which they have leached off this city for decades. But I leave that rant for another day, because today was fantastic.

It would be so easy to make this post into a who’s who of friends I met today. It felt that a huge family gathering (including the mad uncle in the corner who shouts at people.) There were some of my favourite people there and lurking at the Bonny Badge stall meant occasional nice surprises. If I missed you “Hello and sorry” my only excuse was we got a bit busy at times.

My only disappointment was that I missed the speakers because I wanted to see the Wee Ginger Dug and Paul Kavanagh 😉

I have to admit I am exhausted, I had already done my daily 10k steps as we got into George Square – and as my phone battery died I’m really not sure how many more I’ve done – however I do feel energised right now.

The YES grassroots movement has not gone away, it feels bigger and ready to face the work ahead.



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