A spot of self-indulgence

I said in yesterday’s post that I wasn’t going to turn it into a Twitter who’s who of the people I’d met.

Well, sod it. This is my blog and I can write what I like *Sticks tongue out petulantly*

In no particular order, here are some of the people I met, marched, talked and laughed with.

Many apologies if I missed you, I know I’ve missed some. There were a lot of “OMY, How  are you?” conversations and it got a bit of a blur a times, especially mixed in with the “these are 50p, these £2, those £1.50 and the sets of 3 are £2.”  Yes, I dreamt of badges last night.

Thank you for making yesterday so much fun,  I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else.

EnglishScotsForYES – next time I’ll do more banner holding

Math Campbell – yes I am deaf today

TheBonnyBadgeCompany – Thanks for putting up with me

Oorpatronsaintofcats – my FAVOURITE saint x

OOR Cath Maguire – you’ll always get the blame for my black eye x

OorBoringOleFart – so good to finally meet you

Milady – Scones soon? 😉

Alistair McGregor – nice to see you out of the car 😀

Oor Wendy Bea – huge hugs and we won’t leave it as long next time x

Marsi – pint sometime I think?

Mr Malky – the life and soul of the day

 *OOR* Polly#ayerobot – Love you Pol

Brave – seeing you 2 weekends out of 3 is a habit I could get in to

Oor Patt – my, you are looking fine these days x

Whirlybird – so pleased you are back on Twitter

aʟi ✁—– – indefatigable – you amaze me.

Eileen – so good to catch up

Yukka – you always brighten my day

Michel Puitsvert – you are a menace with that mic 🙂

OorRedSettersForIndy – so good to see you Red

Yes Rutherglen – beginning to feel like I’m stalking you 🙂

Oor Paula Rose – glamourous as ever, always bring class to any situation x

Bob Sinclair – can’t believe you made it, so pleased you did.

Wilderness of Peace – seriously it’s like you exude calm

X_Sticks – always get the feeling you are laughing at some very naughty joke 😉

Plus various other Friends of Wings reprobates – raising money for a children’s charity – vile frankly.

Then these two who are in so much trouble for not introducing themselves – not taking it personally much.


Philostrate Revels

Finally a hug to those who cannot be named because of their employment. I am so pleased you made it.







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