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Ok, I’m using the “it’s MY blog” card again.

There are a few companies, groups, people I like who are pushing projects, so I’m giving them a quick punt. I’m not asking you to give (be nice if you could), but if you could give groups a share on Facebook or Twitter it would be greatly appreciated.

The first is the Bonny Badge Company who can be found on Twitter, Facebook and on their extensive website. It’s run by a wonderful lady who I am lucky enough to call a friend. They do a huge range of badges, magnets, key rings, bags etc. If there’s something you want making up, this is the lady to come to, and what’s more she does this whilst  living with the chronic disabling condition called Fibromyalgia.

She’s currently trying to expand her equipment and product range (so she’s ready when IndyRef2 hits) so she has a crowdfunder running. It has just over a week to go and is only a third funded.

Next up is Phantom Power Films – the one who inflicted me on you as part of his Joy of Blogs series.

He has a new project planned Perspective, a series of eight 45 minute documentaries.

It’s ambitious and looking seriously good but needs funding. The link to the crowdfunder is here.

Next is satire, and the Gamma Wave collective. If you didn’t watch Jim Murphy: Saviour of the Nation what the hell were you playing at?

Their next project is called Jeremy Corbyn: What Was Done. If it’s half as good as the last one it will be funnier than anything currently on TV. To support them, visit here.

Last and not least, is Shaun Milne. He’s finally tweeted the teaser to his new Scottish Sci Fi animation, one of the many projects keeping him busy after the very funny North British News.

No funding requests from him right now but he’s TERRIBLE at self promotion so please just have a look and give it a share.



Featured image: www.pexels.com


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