New chapters


Anyone who follows my Twitter account will know my daughter has started at her local senior school this morning. It seems that this is a bigger deal for her father and me than for her. She and a friend went off this morning chattering away comparing (slightly oversized) blazers and the obviously cool number of pockets they contained.

Hard to believe that 4 years ago we were still in the process of looking for somewhere to live in Glasgow. The promise to my parents at the time was that if we didn’t like it we would move back home before she started senior school. That has never needed to be asked. We were settled in within a month, she took to school here like a duck to water and – touch wood – it looks like that will continue.

I know I rave on about the education system here (and the NHS) but coming from England and the complete fuck up they are making of both I really do appreciate what we have up here. No it’s not perfect – no system ever is – but her confidence and education has come on in leaps and bounds under the Scottish curriculum.

Sometimes I don’t want a choice. I want all schools to meet the standard (unlike Gove who expected them all to be above average – bloody cretin) and am happy my daughter has a 20 minute walk to school rather than an hour bus journey which could have been an option if we hadn’t moved.

But it’s not just her that’s turning over a new page. I’m no longer volunteering at the gallery which has reduced my stress levels and increased my free time. The upside of living in my lovely corner of the world (both real & Twitter) means I already have a few alternatives lined up to keep me busy, but more on those another day.

It also turns out I can be really productive with an early start although I’m not sure how long these good intentions will last. I’m still laptop-free so writing is dependant on getting a pc at the library (not complaining – very grateful for the resource) just have to remember not to get distracted while I’m here.

This session is drawing to a close so I guess I better hit publish before it kicks me off.



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