What have I missed?


The upside of having restricted access to my blog this last week is that I haven’t felt the need to put in to words how I feel about the relentless, unending clusterfuck that is the Labour party. I’ve found “Now what?” and ” You are fucking kidding me!” have generally sufficed this week.

As I’m now able to blog again, I need to get myself up to date so bear with me.

So firstly we have had a so-called democratic socialist party which disenfranchise 130,000 members from voting in their leadership campaign despite that being highlighted as one of the benefits of membership on the online enrollment page.  These new members however can vote if they pay an additional £25. Ker-ching!

Obviously this has pissed off these new members many of whom are on low-incomes and 5 of them take the issue to court and win. So the party (funded by the membership) goes to appeal this and not only do they get the result overturned they then ask the court for some of their costs to be claimed from their opponents!

Luckily these costs are covered by a crowdfunder within a day but it really doesn’t look good for the NEC. Especially as after that both contenders – Corbyn & the other one – both say they didn’t want an appeal.

Unfortunately instead of having a Malcolm Tucker advising them – who would have presumably pointed out suing your own members isn’t good for your reputation – the party have pantomime villain McTernan. Failure in Australia, failure in Scotland, famously has to keep denying he’s a Tory (can’t think why – anti-union, anti public libraries, pro-privatisation, general twat.)

What else? Oh yes, Mr Personality – who cannot attract a crowd will free ice cream – has asked Corbyn if he can address his audiences. Jeez, give up now. Corbyn won easily last year and people knew who the other 3 were. Unless you have McTernan counting the votes you are toast.

It looks so bad that it appears that some MPs are looking to their prince over the water – yes, the Miliband who lost.

I think there may be something they overlooked, you know the reason they picked Mr Normal in the first place – because he wasn’t linked to the Iraq war.

If that wasn’t bad enough the factions have started insulting each another *gasps* – it’s like IndyRef all over, except this time some of the English media think calling people nazis, fascists, trots, rabble is unacceptable whereas they didn’t when the targets were independence supporters. Not like any one is likely to forget but here’s that Scotsman cover that they now try to pretend didn’t happen. At least I presume that’s the reason they block those that remind them of it.

klan alba

So finally to the Scottish branch office; they’ve had a leader who’s been off the radar all summer. Leadership course in America I hear. I would have thought the first thing a leader needs is be around in time of crisis. But I suppose the EURef result and her party split is no big deal.

Not compared to the major issues such that in a couple of years time it may be the case that in order to form a Labour government in Westminster her head office may have to do some sort of deal with the SNP. I would like to think we would be out of the UK by then but my gut feeling is that as the Tories delay Article 50 we may have one more election to go through.

IF Labour pulls itself together in time to make the next election a close thing, how does she think her supporters will feel if we get ANOTHER Tory government because SLab won’t play nice. I know they follow the Bain principle first and foremost but it’s not so much as hammering the nails into the coffin as using a nailgun.

Saying that BetterTogether does seem to be out in force in North Ayrshire. Robin Sturgeon lost  out on a council seat despite getting the majority of 1st preference votes. It took to the 6th round before the result was finally declared – for Labour. It appears that the Tories feel that Labour values match their own more.

So this has sifted the balance of power in the Council and so yesterday morning the Herald reported “Sturgeon’s mum role as Provost of North Ayrshire under threat as Labour plot council takeover” (archived link) I suppose “Standard transfer of administration” isn’t as exciting.

Turns out no “plotting” but Labour was required, as the SNP have announced they will stand down once Labour is ready to take over or “Joan Sturgeon and SNP colleagues have stepped down as administration of North Ayrshire Council after by-election defeat” (archived link) as the Herald reported in the afternoon.

Weirdly enough, this has been declared a dereliction of duty by some (including Labour supporters) I’m trying to determine if this dereliction is that they’ve lost the chance to scream SNP Powergrab or whether they’ve finally realised how shite Labour are a running authorities. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

I think that’s me up to date with the circus now – though at least in a circus there’s a chance the clowns might be funny.


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3 thoughts on “What have I missed?

  1. Welcome back! There’s an act in your circus that you’ve missed out though. I think the Tories can only hold off sending the Article 50 letter if they’re confident that UKIP really is dead and buried with a stake through it’s heart, surrounded by garlic and crosses, Can you imagine how fast Farage would resurrect himself if he saw Theresa May failing to do what the voters wanted? They got 5 million votes and that’s not to be sniffed at, regardless of where they come from. So May has got a high wire act to do and then some.



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