French dressing

I’ve had to wait 24 hours before writing about this because I was so angry after seeing those pictures from Nice. It would have been less of a hot take and more of a boiling one.

4 armed men forcing a woman to undress in public. Fuck sake.

Just what threat is a long-sleeved top on a beach? I wear pretty much the same except I have a stupidly wide-brimmed hat instead of a scarf.

This is one of the most ridiculous, vindictive laws and those that enforce are petty bullies. Now they are threatening to sue anyone who shares the pictures. Fuck you.

Sarkozy has called burkinis a provocation that supports radical Islam – get a grip! – and said “we don’t imprison women behind fabric.”  No, you’ll make them choose between accessing public spaces or fitting YOUR ideas of how women should dress/behave. These garment were designed by Aheda Zanetti to open up opportunities for women. This law isn’t freeing women it’s inhibiting them.

As an aside Media Diversified have been re-circulating an article from 3 years ago on  the symbolic use of women in politics which  I found interesting.

Now back to this ban being so bloody stupid.


Some people (me) feel exposed in a swimming costume, I know no one is gong to be looking at me on the beach but I would feel incredibly self-conscious doing so. In addition to that I don’t want to get sunburnt, I rather reduce my risk of skin cancer.

I quite understood why Nigella Lawson wears one.  I do wonder what the British press reaction would have been if the woman getting police hassle had been her?  Also is there a cut off age for this ban? Will the police be insisting that pensioners remove their clothing?

Yet again there is an issue and the response is to shame women over what they wear. I disagree with anyone being forced to wear something they don’t want to whether it’s a burka or a bikini.

As for France is a secular country and Muslims must fit in, well I can’t wait to see how they tell these ladies they must follow the law…




In contrast, Police Scotland have announced the inclusion of the hijab as an optional part of their uniform.  I know which I think is better to assist integration and inclusion.


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