The smell of testoterone


The chaps are getting terribly manly in politics at the moment. We have the usual suspect John McTernan threatening Pete Wishart MP

And then today, the voice of “red Morningside” Duncan Hothersall tweeted

This was in response to this article from the Herald in which members of the Labour party raise the possibility of ousting Kezia Dugdale as leader of Scottish Labour.

Former Scottish Labour chairman Bob Thomson also warned that Dugdale, who has openly backed leadership challenger Owen Smith, would be “signing her own death warrant” if she failed to accept Corbyn’s leadership if he is re-elected next month.

Really, death warrant? Isn’t it possible to say forced out? Can’t we ease back a bit?

The irony of Hothersall defending the mandate of an elected branch manager  – who couldn’t win her own seat in Holyrood- while is at the same time undermining their own democratically elected leader because of unelectability is breathtaking. And yet unsurprising.

Side tracking here, as there are rumours abounding over who her replacement might be, you’d think it could be Findlay as he is Deputy Leader and was Corbyn’s campaign manager  (although he does try to catch non-existent trains)


But no, it looks like another Blairite Anas Sarwar is being pushed forward again. He succeeded his father Mohammed Sarwar (Labour MP between 1997 – 2010) as Glasgow Central MP until March 2015 when he was categorically beaten into second place by Alison Thewliss, losing 19% of the vote.

He only got in to Holyrood by being put top of the Labour list. One thing that runs through the Labour party, it doesn’t matter who the voters want if the hierarchy wants you are in.

Although they are having difficulty making Owen Smith appear popular. This “normal” family man, has opened his mouth unsupervised again:


And now he’s had to issue a denial. It’s the whole LB Johnson story again.

Legend has it that LBJ, in one of his early congressional campaigns, told one of his aides to spread the story that Johnson’s opponent fucked pigs. The aide responded “Christ, Lyndon, we can’t call the guy a pigfucker. It isn’t true.” To which LBJ supposedly replied “Of course it ain’t true, but I want to make the son-of-a-bitch deny it.”

But it’s not just the Labour party being alpha-male, nope the Tories have their own contribution. This time about the burkini ban. Desmond Swayne MP for New Forest West had this to say.  (link here)

Like any hot blooded male however, I appreciate beauty, which can sometimes enhanced by a bikini. Equally, often there can be something quite attractive, alluring, even sensual, about concealment.  It leaves more to the imagination.

So ladies, it is okay to wear what you like, he’ll letch over you whatever. *shudders*





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