The 3 Amigos


The film at least had a great cast, a pity the same cannot be said of the Westminster’s tribute act of the Brexit team. This week all three have shown themselves up as unfit to deal with the complexities of what faces them.

First up is David Davis, the Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union  – who after having all summer to at least start a plan for Brexit – appears to have no clue as to the way forward and delivered meaningless platitudes to Parliament. He aims to  “build a national consensus” around the UK’s negotiating position.

I swear to god, you can only facepalm so much. This is a huge constitutional issue and the country is split 48/52 over it. There will be no national consensus over this. You aren’t gong to change people’s minds over this at least not the way he hopes.

So many false promises and down-right lies were told by the Leave campaign and immediately back-tracked on. Yes, there are those that truly believe Britain can stand tall and proud and go it alone.*eye-roll* Then there are other whose jobs are now at risk as international companies consider their position. Lets face it, when it comes to Brexit negotiations banks and  The City will take priority over industry and I can imagine the fishing industry being offered up as a sweetener as usual.

He seems to be expecting the EU to roll over and supply a “unique” deal. As always the UK government sees itself as a special snowflake. He aims for Britain to become a “beacon” for free trade, a “more glorious country” with an immigration system that controls numbers but encourages the “brightest and best.” Yeah because the brightest and best are going to want to come.

Even after all his soundbites and the brevity of a plan it appears that Davies has gone off script. The day after his statement in which he said it was  “very improbable” Britain would stay in the European single market if border controls were not allowed, a Number 10 spokesman aid it was his opinion only and not policy.

Next is Boris Johnson, our Foreign Secretary who seems to be continuing his quest to offend every nation. This week he turned his attention to Syria , meeting the Friends of Syria in London to discuss a transitional peace plan. The Syrian Foreign Ministry said in response on Thursday that “Statements of British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson reveal his complete separation from reality,” and  that “[He lacks] realisation that the time of the [British colonial] mandate will not come back.”

Syria is a complex political situation and whereas I believe Johnson’ bumbling persona is a front I still think he his a dangerous, self-serving ambitious man. I do not envy Foreign Official officials having to work around him and his Churchillian self-ambition.

Finally, we have Liam Fox, International Trade Secretary  – or as I prefer “disgraced former defence secretary” – who told the Conservative Way Forward group that the UK had grown too fat on previous generations successes.

This country is not the free-trading nation that it once was. We have become too lazy, and too fat on our successes in previous generations. What is the point of us reshaping global trade, what is the point of us going out and looking for new markets for the United Kingdom, if we don’t have the exporters to fill those markets?”

We’ve got to change the culture in our country. People have got to stop thinking about exporting as an opportunity and start thinking about it as a duty – companies who could be contributing to our national prosperity but choose not to because it might be too difficult or too time-consuming or because they can’t play golf on a Friday afternoon.

I’m not quite sure if he’s harking back to Victorian times when UK businesses occupied countries to exploit their resources or just straight forward Elizabethan piracy.

At least it makes a change from Tory politicians having a go at the working classes, unfortunately this target bites back.

Unsurprisingly businessmen has been upset at these comments, Richard Reed, co-founder of  Innocent Drinks has responded on the Today programme this morning that business leaders had been clear that it was in the country’s best interests to remain in the EU saying:

But him and his merry group of pranksters decided for their own reasons it would be better to come out and then he turns round and rather than deliver on the promises, lies he made to the country, he turns round and slags off people and the country. How dare you talk down the country that you damaged?

I have to admit I do find Fox’s accusations of laziness ironic as he once claimed 3p for for a 0.06 mile car journey. For a man whose main duty is to promote British business he seems to be going about it the wrong way.

The thing that worries me the most is that Theresa May made these appointments  along with some other doozies. Part of me thinks she gave those numpties these jobs to stop them from causing dissent from the sidelines and I appreciate the idea of “You made this mess now fix it.” But these are important jobs and I don’t think they are up to it.

The media keep trying to make out she is quietly capable, but she was an appalling Home Secretary. The only reason she got to be Prime Minister was because she kept such a low profile during the EU referendum and her opposition was even more dreadful.

Her performance in PMQs was unremarkable,  just evasion, badly delivered Dad-jokes – although her joke-writer can take the blame for them – and the now famous tweet. It looks like she will continue Cameron’s practice of avoiding the questions in PMQs solely aiming for a soundbite.

I have no idea what this government is after – apart from aiming to take us back to the 1950s – I do know I have no confidence in them,



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