Express Delivery


Monday morning, I expected the usual routine of ignoring Torrance’s latest regurgitation of his article, but no Scottish Twitter was buzzing over something else…

It’s amazing how some people can get away with lies, harassment, incitement or truly offensive language and yet Twitter does nothing. (The Spanner account being a prime example) Yet Rev. Stu Campbell gets suspended after he tweets calling an Express Katie Hopkins wannabe a disgrace after she writes an article full of lies and bile.

I’m fairly sure the Express is in a panic. It’s level of batshit crazy has noticeably increased with regard to Nicola Sturgeon and the prospect of another Independence Referendum.

It’s always been uber-Yoon, but I think that like the rest of the Leave campaign it expected a close loss after which it could continue to bitch and whine from the sidelines. But Leave won and now it has to face the consequences of what’s going to happen, including that its own readers are going to be inconvenienced to some degree.

It’s looking for a distraction / scapegoat and right now Scotland is its target. The Express- like our Tory MSPs – can keep screaming all they like about uncertainty from IndyRef, but everyone else keeps pointing out the fucking huge florescent Brexit elephant currently tap-dancing in the corner.

Wings is far from a saint, he does say things I disagree with.  But what he does do – incredibly well – is fact check. I don’t think there is anyone who calls to account the British media to the extent he does.

There are a number of people of the Yes side who are probably happy today, the ones who regularly call for a boycott. All I can say to them is if you want people to stop following Wings, do what he does but do it better. People follow and support him for his work, not his walks around Bath.

It will be interesting to see how Scotland’s journalists respond to this after all the recent drama over Daisley. Will they condemn this attack on free speech? Especially as it looks to have been instigated by a “newspaper”.

As for his suspension, well it’s not like there aren’t alternative ways to access his work – even Facebook as a last resort.

Image: Brown kiwi (wingless – geddit?)


3 thoughts on “Express Delivery

  1. I think that the Rev does (as you say) a great job of holding the media to account and his fact checking is beyond reproach, my problem with him is that he believes his own hype. I personally, and a few tweeps that I know and respect, fell foul of the Rev’s ego and he published a list of people he wanted his followers to boycott, sorry but WHO does he think he is? Yeah he is good at his job but his ego is the size of the fluorescent tap dancing Brexit elephant you mentioned and he doesn’t always use his powers for good!


    1. I think I like Stu Campbell for the same reason that you don’t. He isn’t politically correct, and doesn’t hesitate in letting you know his opinions. You mention that your problem with him is that he believes his own hype, what exactly does that mean? That he believes his own opinions? That he stands behind his output?
      Regarding the ‘block list’, if you are going to bring it up, at least be factual in what you write. Not once has he said that he ‘wanted his followers to boycott’ a list of people. He made available a list and said that people were free to use it as they wished – it is you that has interpreted what he said into what you have written.


  2. As you know by now Twitter has reinstated Wings and the furore has added a few hundred extra followers to the account.
    I’d agree Stu is abrasive but I’m dismayed at the number of Indy supporters with a MAJOR grievance with him, most of which seems to be the fact that he blocked them. That looks like an ego issue and not his ego.
    I only saw the block list for the first time a couple of weeks ago and found I had already blocked about a third of the people on it through my own interactions..
    In my opinion, regardless of what you think of the man, we would never have reached 45% if it wasn’t for Wings and we won’t reach 50+ without it either.


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