A visit to the presses


Hopefully you have seen today’s National front covers. It ran  a competition for its readers to submit artwork for this the second anniversary of the IndyRef. I am overjoyed that one of the two finalists is @DefiAye.

Not only because I think she is a fabulous artist (she did the header image of this site) and I feel her work brightens the often seething mass of Twitter but also because I am lucky enough to call her a friend in real life too. Today that friendship meant providing some (im)moral support on a tour of the Herald’s print works. csgn4dtwiaaitq5

Brian Wishart, the other winning artist, was naturally also on the tour  – along with his totally adorable and incredibly well-behaved daughter. I have to admit I wasn’t so sure when I first saw his cover, but it has grown on me. I will admit I am biased re this competition.

Unfortunately Brian isn’t on Twitter(!) but I hope to see more of his work in future. The best of the rest showcased in the National shows how stiff the competition was and yet again I am struck by how well served the Yes side is by the creative community. We really do have some talented people.

So to the tour, we were accompanied by Callum from the National and shown round by Sam. I’m not going to go into details – mainly because I didn’t take notes – and I’m not sure if you are as geeky as me, but the general impression I left with is of the sheer size of the place. Seriously I knew it would be big but it is HUGE. To be there when the presses are in operation must be both amazing and deafening.

Tomorrow of course is the 18th and I will be attending an event in Glasgow Green. Just something quiet and low-key 😀

If you are going why not pop to the Bonny Badge stall and say hello.




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