Meeting friends

So unless you live under a rock, you’ll know today is the second anniversary of the Scottish Independence Referendum. Being the vile flag-waving nationalist that I am, I headed down to Glasgow Green to join a few others for a spot of political discussion, catching up, hugs, laughter and bonding.

I’m not normally good at meeting new people – my first Indy meetup had me messaging a friend whilst I stood outside the pub feeling sick and on the verge of bolting – but these days the regular interaction on Twitter means that I already know these people before meeting them.

[And yes, this is a different rule for me than for my daughter – although I am aware these are “strange” people I’m meeting. Strange but wonderful. It’s like having a second family including the grumpy uncles.]

Unfortunately I don’t have pictures of when the rally was at its fullest as we were too busy on the stall, and I haven’t a clue how any people attended. It looked busy and covered a larger area than George Square.

The 120 YesBikers were unmissable and I have to say their Police escort did seem to be the only official presence on the day.

One last bit to say it was fucking brilliant to finally met @JumMurphy (he always complain if these posts aren’t sweary) There were other people who it was as equally wonderful to meet but they don’t nag me as much.


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