Floating Brexit



What is it with the Brexiteers and ships?

First to mind is Farage and his flotilla sailing up the Thames. (I wonder if the fisherman are so keen on Leave now they are realising they won’t get their EU funding replaced)

Then Johnson this week was reported that he wanted to refit Britannia as a floating embassy despite it being decommissioned almost 20 years ago. It is now berthed in Leith as part of the National Historic Fleet and owned by Royal Yacht Britannia Trust.

This seem to yet another one of his ideas that Theresa May has slapped down. I get the impression that she’s going to feel that he is playing whack-a-mole as yesterday the Telegraph had an article (archived link) that Gove is one of 75 Tory backbenchers who have written to her wanting a new £100 million Britannia (austerity anyone?)

Gove seems to have a habit of supporting these vanity projects as he previously wanted the country to spend £60 million to buy the Queen another yacht for her Diamond jubilee. And then there was his bible in every school which cost an estimated £370,000 (bargain compared to the yachts) I wonder just how many of those have been taken off the shelf to be read?

If we are to have new boats personnally I’d like the Type 26 built – you know the ones they promised during IndyRef over 2 years ago? The navy has 19 ships, it doesn’t seem much for a so-called naval power with 7,723 miles of coastline.

If this obsession is a harkening to the “Dunkirk” spirit, I hope they bear in mind that was a retreat – the little boats did an incredible thing but still it was a disaster. We left over 100,000 men and most of our modern equipment behind. Hmm, maybe it is a good analogy for Brexit after all.



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