A “quiet” weekend


During the Glasgow Green rally I was invited down to Girvan for Saturday night to see Paul Kavanagh aka the @weegingerdug speak (not that I need an excuse to visit.)

The event attracted a good sized crowd. Naturally Ginger was the star of the show and boy does that dug know how to work a crowd before settling down for Paul’s  talk. You can tell he’s done a few of these now as he only stirred as Paul wound up his first session.

I’m not going to go through what Paul said as you really should try to get to one of his talks if at all possible. He is as funny, clever and quick as you would expect and captivates his audience drawing them along with him.

Right now we are waiting for a starting pistol to be fired – whenever Article 50 will be triggered – so that we can start doing something (more on that later.) In the mean time I feel Paul is helping keeping spirits up and that gatherings such as these are helping people come together forming the start of a (non-political party based) grassroots movement that we all know will be needed.

I hope Girvan and the other locations Paul has visited will #BeMoreBrechin and arrange regular speakers & “Indy Nights.” The Yes community is a mixed bunch but I find these events help us realise what we are working for – a Scotland where communities work together for what they want.

I was only intending to stay for one night but there is only one train back to Glasgow on a Sunday – and it’s in the morning! So unsurprisingly I was there for two.

This meant I was able to attend the Depute Leader hustings in Maybole.

Thanks to Independence Live I had been able to watch a hustings at The Carnegie Centre, Dunfirmline but being in the room and meeting the four candidates is different. They said that this had been their 29th hustings and I am impressed how they have kept their levels of enthusiasm.

Like so many I have found it difficult to choose who would get my first vote in this election. Unlike the recent elections in other parties we have been blessed with four very good candidates; all of whom have their own strengths (and very few weaknesses.)

Unlike a certain party  they are aware that they are on the same side with the same aims and they have each campaigned positively. Part of me wishes we could have the job split between the four of them, to make the most of each of their strengths, but that’s not what the job entails.

After this I have been able to decide who I am voting for first and can even rank my 2 – 4th preferences because I do think they are all worth a vote. They each made some very good points and their many areas of agreement was informative too.

The main point I am taking from this (apart from this Depute election) is with regard to the Council elections in May. It is essential that we (SNP) get our vote out, no complacency. We know that the Tories will practically get people off their deathbeds to vote (they probably class them as fit-to-work.)

Getting SNP councils will show that we can govern from bottom to top. I expect/hope for big differences once we have the layers of government working together, unlike now where we have Labour/Tory coalitions constantly try to make political points rather than work for their constituents.

Finally, I did get a few more picture (and even selfies!) with some of our elected members. As a friend says we need the equivalent of a Panini sticker album. If someone had told me 3 years ago that I would be fangirling over politicians I would have been amazed. But I got to meet the AMAZING Dr Philippa Whitford, so nerrr.


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