Get stuffed


This is one of the posters used by the Leave campaign during the EU referendum. You may remember a certain Boris Johnson joining that in team as part of his bid to become leader of the Conservative party and Prime Minister.

Despite this ambition being scuppered he did agree to become Foreign Minister and today visited Turkey. I imagine this was an interesting visit as he recently won £1000 in the Spectator’s “most offensive Erdoğan poetry” competition where he described the current Turkish President as a wanker & goat shagger. I guess this would be referred to as banter.

The poem presumably did not come up in discussions today (I feel sorry for our Foreign Office & Diplomatic Service – twice the workload just to apologise for one pampered narcissistic ambitious spoilt arse) But Johnson has said

 We may be leaving the European Union but we are not leaving Europe and Britain will help Turkey in any way.

Bit of a change of heart there. I wonder how it will go down with Mail, Telegraph & Express readers.

He is also reported to have said prior to the visit that he wants to build a “jumbo free trade deal” with Turkey. Presumably he’s forgotten that if Turkey is in the EU it will be unable to sign individual trade deals.

Brexit doesn’t seem so much as to mean Brexit but whatever random thought passes through the heads of the 3 stooges.



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