The hole is deep enough

I’ve just put myself through the second of Kezia’s interviews from this weekend.

Oh my fucking god, why would you do that to yourself? She repeats he same lines re party unity again and again and just looks foolish.When will politicians learn that people do not want to hear the same soundbite.

I know they are trying to ensure that is the point that is remembered, but let’s face it it is easy to change from reinforcing the point to sounding like a demented parrot. Te only positive thing I can say about this interview is that it isn’t as long as the one from Sunday:

I did consider watching it another time to count how often she said unity but to be honest I couldn’t put myself through it again. I was hiding behind my hands the last time

The shenanigans at Labour NEC over whether the Welsh and Scottish branches have representation and how the possible representative is selected shows how farcical their set up is .

The fact that there isn’t a Scottish or Welsh seat shows the disregard the main party has always had for the two branches, and no amount of saying they have “more autonomy” will change that. Anyway, how do you get more autonomy it’s not a sliding scale – you either are or you aren’t

Then there is Kezia claiming her 72% mandate means she can select the candidate rather than balloting Scottish member, how does that fit with her backing the Shadow cabinet being elected by MPs with Corbyn’s increased mandate of 62%? I’ve noticed this “respect the mandate” call only applies sporadically.

The SNP in their manifesto said

We believe that the Scottish Parliament should have the right to hold another referendum if there is clear and sustained evidence that independence has become the  preferred option of a majority of the Scottish people – or if there is a significant and material change in the circumstances that prevailed in 2014, such as Scotland being taken out of the EU against our will.

And yet Kezia does not respect that mandate, she can go on as much as she likes about how she wants to stay in the UK and the EU but unless something miraculous occurs that is not on offer..

62% of Scottish voters want to stay in the EU whereas only 22.6% voted for Labour on the constituency vote and 19.1% on the list in May this year. She herself only got a seat due to the list system. The most recent polls have Labour on 16% – at what fucking point do you stop digging? She’s even re-punting the tax policy that no one wanted last time!

The only area where Owen Smith got a majority in the leadership election was Scotland, it appears all the socialists have left and moved to the SNP, Greens and smaller parties. They are now hemorrhaging Unionist votes to the Tories. As I have said so many times being Tory light does not work – they can do being bastards so much better (and they enjoy it.)

The PLP appear to be bricking it over the thought of re-selection by their local members, What’s the big deal, we in the SNP do that every time – I don’t see my local  MP,  MSP and councillors being worried, it keeps them close to their local party. But then we don’t have candidates parachuted in as they do.

Unless “Scottish” Labour change direction they will fall even further and I’ve got past the stage of even pity. There’s nothing left in Scotland but self-serving Blairite careerists and after Corbyn’s capitulation on Trident renewal – hell mend them all.


2 thoughts on “The hole is deep enough

  1. Hell mend em indeed, the one thing i will say about Kez’s car crash interview is that she was clear and consistent about being clear and consistent. At this point I have to fess up and admit that I couldn’t summon the will to watch it all because my laptop screen was in danger of being either punched or head butted as i lost the will to think, good job on watching both interviews, Im sure the Bonny Badge Company has a medal we could award you for devotion to duty, its above and beyond the call 😂


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