Avoiding the pain


I don’t watch BBC Question Time anymore – refusing to have a TV licence is only part of the reason. It used to be a program I would never miss; a chance to see up to date issues being raised by the public directly to politicians.

Now it is the TV equivalent of click bait. I look at so many of the panelists and think I’d rather have root canal work than listen to some of their views –  Rod Liddle for fucks sake; that arse has the personality and charm of silage. At least at the dentist you know the drill will stop its whining eventually.

Last night it was in Boston, just down the road from my old home town. Just watching what people were tweeting made me cringe. Honestly not everyone in Lincolnshire is a bigot. But is it any wonder that the audience was full of right wingers? Today I saw this:

The Boston Demonstration is one set up  arranged by the EDL for tomorrow. I checked, her post is still there.

Boston had the highest vote for leave and has become a regular example given of the bad side of immigration. Always the migrants to blame, never the gang-masters or farmers who employ them.

And why do they employ a migrant workforce? Because its short term, badly paid work that the locals don’t do. I’ve done summers of farm work. It’s bloody hard work for sod all money. If you want to blame someone, blame the supermarkets who are putting the squeeze on farmers or the UK government who allocate CAP payments.

Greenpeace yesterday released a report  on who gets CAP funding (the Tories have said they will continue the same funding levels until at least 2020)

  • At least 16 of the 100 largest pay-outs under the single payment scheme last year went to entities owned or run by people featured in the Sunday Times Rich List.
  • The Top 100 received a total of £87.9m in agricultural subsidies last year, of which £61.2m came from the single payment scheme, more than was paid to the bottom 55,119 recipients in the single payment scheme combined.
  • At least one in five of the Top 100 single payments went to businesses owned or controlled by members of aristocratic families, including the Queen and the Duke of Northumberland.
  • Four businesses in the Top 100 are owned through offshore companies based in the “secrecy jurisdictions” of Jersey and Guernsey, with two of those businesses using structures that hide ownership.
  • Conservative MP Richard Drax received hundreds of thousands of pounds for his country estate in Dorset, while numerous recipients in the Top 100 have made donations to the Conservative Party.

It’s not just the farmers /rural community that are in for a shock over what will happen once Brexit actually occurs. The fishermen are going to be well and truly screwed over too. Autonomy Scotland have done an excellent post on their situation here.

I really don’t like the way parts of this country are going. And is it any wonder? Two articles caught my eye yesterday:

Record number of households made homeless

Million have less than £100 in savings


And yet people still vote for the bastards that are screwing them over.

The BetterTogether lot try to make out that Scotland won’t cope financially if independent, REALLY? How could we do worse?

The only growth we seem to have is in homelessness and food banks. Of course they are well protected by Trident, and the south will have HS2 and London another fucking bridge (I’m not overly confident that white elephant can be stopped).

The public are too happy to accept the scapegoating. Migrants, disabled, single parents, the long-term sick, the mentally ill (is it any wonder our young people are suffering record levels of depression/anxiety etc) What next? After those examples have been demonised and still things don’t improve will we go back to the 50s with “No blacks & No Irish” signs?

You only have to look in the sewer that is the below the lines comments of any of the right-wing press to see the Scots are already being targeted. And why, because we have a government who is trying to protect our Health Service.

If in England you want free prescriptions and doctors and nurses that aren’t under severe additional pressure STOP VOTING FOR BASTARDS who keep cutting and privatising.

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5 thoughts on “Avoiding the pain

  1. auchinstarry

    Last night was really bad. Priti Hopeless a UKIP mouthpiece and a Scum journalist. Luckily there were no rocks in the living room and the screen survived only because it was too wet outside to look for one.


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