“Conference” time


Yes the Tory Conference is in full swing and unlike the Labour Party it’s ALL about Brexit. I’m presuming “plans” can be announced now as May has had her meeting with Murdoch.

She has announced that she will trigger Article 50 by March next year and that we are all go for Fortress Britain. No one gets in and no trade goes out – unless the 3 Brexiteers take up piracy but to be honest at this point I’m not ruling anything out.

So what the plan for the UK? The devolved governments have been told in no uncertain terms to shut up as it will be the UK Government is running this show. ( Johnson, Fox & Davies – I may be an atheist but god help us)

In the mean time, Whitehall is showing it has a plan. It literally is jam tomorrow

I’m eye-rolling so hard it’s starting to hurt. What next? Cars to the Germans, pasta to the Italians and vodka to the Polish? (Sorry for the stereotyping I am cringing as I type them)

But to be fair it is a joined up policy for once as Andrea Leadsom wants our young people to pick fruit (which they’ll have to once all the migrant workforce is sent home) Don’t get me wrong I have no objection to British people working on farms, I’ve done it.

What I do object to is the shite wages for long hours (thanks to Cameron’s government abolishing the Agricultural Wages Board in 2013) but as our workers’ rights will continue to be eroded at the same time a pittance for farm work will become more attractive.

For those who did made the grade (got to grammar school) in this new glorious Britain, Jeremy Hunt will be desperate for you to become a doctor. He thinks we can replace all our foreign-born doctors with home-grown ones . (4.6% of NHS staff come from other EU countries)

Yeah, Jeremy. 1. You’ve not exactly made the medical procession attractive over the last few years and 2. Brexit happens in 2 years of Article 50 being enacted so we’ve about 2 1/2 years to go whereas it takes SIX years to train  doctor!

It’s only a short post today as I can only dip into this seething morass of nationalism sorry patriotism for so long before the gag reflex kicks in.


Featured image: Thomas Kelley (they might be conference pears!)


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