What are they fighting for?

So there’s been a couple of announcements re the military today in the Conservative conference.

Firstly that 150 new cadet units in schools (presumably just in England & Wales)

Oh my god, where do I start?

I would like to make clear I have no objection to children joining cadets if they want to  – it maybe does them give confidence and can be fun. And yes I am aware not all cadets go on to join the armed forces. But normalising the military through the education system seems wrong to me.

The UK has already one of the youngest recruiting ages in the world, we match North Korea and Iran by recruiting at 16 and there is already concern regarding the proportion of school visits in areas of deprivation. Putting cadet units into school  seems to me to be a step in the wrong direction especially as the only other job prospects on offer appear to be fruit-picking.

Where did our industry and manufacturing go? Maybe the Tories should look at what they did last time in power before crowing that the world will flock for our goods – WHAT FUCKING GOODS?

This increase in militarism is disturbing (especially alongside the increase in “patriotic” talk from the right wing) There is all this praise for “our boys” but where is the fucking support when they come back from badly-equipped conflicts with physical and mental damage?

We have a number of charities in the UK to support our veterans; The SSAFAHope for Heroes, The British Legion. None of these should need to exist. The Government that sends these men and women out to risk their lives should be there to support them when they come home.

Then it is suggested that military will be able to opt out of the European Convention on Human Rights during future conflicts to “curb vexatious claims.” My first reaction to that is where are they aiming to cause instability now? Our recent campaigns have not been either the best planned or undertaken.

I also don’t think anyone believes that British soldiers are without flaw, they are human beings put into dehumanising situations. Enough incidents have already happened with the ECHR in force. To me this comes across as another way to “other” the opposition to make them seem less.

Removal of rights can become a habit. It starts with enemy combatants but where does it lead? Politicians talk about British Values but are happy to see personal freedom be eroded.

We have an increasingly right wing government who seem to be determined to match the rhetoric spouted by UKIP. This is the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Cable Street, and the language being used by Westminster parties is horrific.

It is more and more apparent that the Conservatives put party before country,  promising an EU referendum to win the last election and timing Article 50 and Brexit so it doesn’t interfere with the next.

I  don’t know what is happening with the UK, it’s all fucking Jam (Tories) and Jerusalem (Labour) at the moment.



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