Fueling division


Don’t worry I’m not doing another post about the increasing xenophobia in our politics. No, it’s one of my other bugbears; Fracking and Underground Coal Gasification.

There have been 2 announcements today of interest which highlight another diffence between Scottish and WM governments.

Firstly the good news, the Scottish Government released Campbell Gemmell’s report on their Independent Review of Underground Coal Gasification.

The report was commissioned last year by ScotGov to provide “independent and evidenced examination of the issues…surrounding UCG”…in order to “help…formulate future policies or actions”.

Gemmell said that 5  tests would need to be met; Global/Climate Fit, Public/Community Support, Operability, Regulation and Issues of the long-term.

And *drum roll*…

Consideration of the possible or ideal approach to permitting the operation of UCG would then require the positive response to all of these tests and gaps indicated above, not necessarily beyond all doubt but to acceptable degrees. At this point, it does not appear, that the tests could be met.

In which case, it would appear logical, the current moratorium being justified, to maintain it, or, as in Queensland, to progress towards a ban for the foreseeable future. As circumstances suggest, either arrangement could be revisited in due course.

, Minister for Business, Innovation & Energy,  has therefore said that UCG poses numerous and serious environmental risks and on that basis, the Scottish Government cannot support this technology. He is to write to the UK Government to ask that no further licences are issued and that ones previously issued are rescinded.

As expected Tory MSPs are not happy

But what do risks to the environment matter when compared to short-term profit? Quick get Davidson to do something “zany” to distract from their disastrous policies.


Secondly the bad news, as expected Lancashire County Council’s ban on fracking has been overturned by Sajid Javid, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. So much for local decision-making.

I’m trying really hard not to rant over this – especially as I did a really good one earlier this year.

I’d like to say that I can’t believe this government would approve such operations when we should be concentrating on low-carbon alternatives. But I can. They are greedy, short-sighted, dangerous fuckwits.

Sir Nicholas Stern (author of the 2006 Stern Review on Climate Change) has warned again that the global economy could “self-destruct” if countries fail to ditch fossil fuels and embrace a clean, green, high-tech future.

He – with others from politics, science & business – have launched a new report stating

The challenge is urgent: the investment choices we make even over the next two to three years will start to lock in for decades to come either a climate-smart, inclusive growth pathway, or a high-carbon, inefficient and unsustainable pathway,

Well, look which one the Tories are taking us down. We may be fucking the planet but hey the shareholders will be happy.

We do not have any excuse; we have such huge potential for sustainable renewable fuel production but yet again the bastard Tories have cut those subsidies.

We should not be reliant on one energy source, but bloody hell it look like we could make a good attempt with wind power.

I’m tired of knowing that if there’s a choice between long-term answer or a short-term quick buck that the money grabbing wankers in the Tory party will always take the money.


Featured image: Anti-fracking protest, Horse Hill, © Copyright Ian Capper and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence


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