Just another manic Monday

thebanglesliveinsydney2010For obvious reasons I’ve not had much time to check the news/social media these last few days but fuck me it feels like Twitter has been saving up the crazy. I only registered Torrance had written his article again in the last hour.

First thing was the Kaye Adams phone in. In the 4 years I’ve lived here I think I have only listened to it once and that wasn’t for long. My god the level of stupid on that show and that’s before they introduce the callers.

Yet again the BBC appear to have given rape apologists and victim blamers a platform. For a national broadcaster this  was a disgrace especially after the locker room banter “debate” last week on Radio 4.

It is audio click bait and as such leads to a difficult decision, do you listen so that you can call out the ignorance and hatred on show or do you simply switch off, disengage and let them howl at each other in an echo chamber.

I’m coming to the conclusion that the media set up these shows to court the controversy. If they can’t get listeners for informed debate maybe they think low-level trolling is the way to go. We’ve seen STV stoop to this on a few occasions too.

I know my blood pressure raises just encountering them secondhand. There’s no way I intend to add to their audience figures because that’s their aim.

It’s the same with the newspapers, suddenly there has been an increase in anti-SNP articles and/or independence polls. Failing readership numbers mean loss of advertisers. They don’t care why people click on links only that they do. If you want to see the Express, Mail and Telegraph die off don’t visit their sites. So what if an Express poll says there’s no call for another IndyRef – they have FUCK ALL to do with whether one is called.

Same as when a shite writer/historian/comedian/celebrity wants to improve their profile. They do it by insulting Scotland, its people or the SNP. They know we will bite. Again fuck them. I don’t give a shit what they think. We will show hem by getting out of this toxic union and building a Scotland that will show there is an alternative to their small-minded, xenophobic, parochial, fear-based politics.

It’s the same with the BritNats and IndyRef discussions/arguments online. We know who are full on zoomers who will never change their minds. Arguing with them wastes our time. Block them and talk instead to undecideds and soft Nos either online or on the doorstep. That’s how we win.

Next up was the genius who showed to the world he had no idea about female anatomy and periods. A would be politician and youth spokesman? He has no idea about one half of the youth population, hopefully by now someone has covered the biology classes he obviously missed.

At this point I didn’t think the day could get more WTF, but no, Guildford Tory Councillor Christian Holliday (yes, really) had set up a petition on the House of Commons website requesting that supporting UK membership of the EU should become classed as treason – and presumably face a life sentence. Yes folks, you’ll have had your democracy.

The Councillor is hopefully reconsidering his position as he stands in a Remain supporting area  The Leader of the Council obviously has as Cllr. Holliday has been suspended from the party.

A much more reassuring reaction than that of Theresa May whose spokeswoman said:

Different people will choose their words differently.

The Prime Minister has been very clear that the British people have made their decision and we should respect the will of the British people. That’s how she would put it.

Don’t know about you but I don’t find that very comforting, but hey her predecessor once said

 For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens: as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone.

Ominous much? Of course he ended that same speech with:

That means actively promoting certain values.

Freedom of speech. Freedom of worship. Democracy. The rule of law. Equal rights regardless of race, gender or sexuality.

Haha haha. Those all come to mind right now when thinking of British democracy.

Freedom of speech seems to be a really tricky one. As we have seen today the BBC are quite happy to allow certain people spout their bile views and yet the closing of RT’s bank accounts by RBS doesn’t appear on their front news page. Weird that.


But then the pound falling again also isn’t there. I’m assuming that’s because it isn’t classed as news anymore; it’s a day with a “y” in it so it must be falling.

And finally – a story the BBC will naturally show as it involves UKIP – is that Steven Woolfe has quit the party and has filed a police complaint re the incident that hospitalised him. Good, there’s no excuse for thuggery – even against UKIP members.

Quick Update

So why I was writing this Coburn has said he may stand for UKIP leader and…

Could this day get any fucking weirder?


Featured image: The Bangles – and why the fuck not? Love em.


Quick PS:

Two crowdfunders I’d appreciate you looking at:

Independence Live do an amazing job on a really tight budget and deserve your support. Although if Kev sticks his camera in my face again we may need to crowdfund surgery for its retrieval.

AyeMail are hoping to set up 5 indy projects including a companion series to PERSPECTIVE. If you haven’t watched it, why not?



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