I was originally going to call this “I want MY country back” but I then realised I don’t.

This one is broken, its damaged beyond repair and I don’t want it.

My country is forward-looking. It has a First Minister who talks of inclusion. It looks outward into the world and it fights to keep its citizens, its New Scots.

So now to the blog…

Over the last few months I find I am saying “What the fuck!” more and more often. In fact the things I was saying it about at the beginning of the year probably wouldn’t get a reaction now.

My emotions vary between anger, despair and confusion during the time I spend reading the news. The whole Brexit thing was about “taking back our country” but for who? The right-wing establishment? Because that’s the only group that seem to have benefited. We must take back our sovereignty… and yet we have a government that is by-passing Westminster and the devolved parliaments.

The economy is tanking, which means there’s some spiv banker or stockbroker raking it in. And the Brexiteers’ plans are risible. Talking about arranging continuing trading with the EU without them hammering us (and who could blame them) or setting up trade agreements with Commonwealth nations (who we’ve shit on in the past) or putting forward suggestions that appear to have come from a Sunday night BBC drama? More tea? Weird, I know I’ve not spent much time in the south of England but I’m pretty sure I would have noticed tea plantations.

Then there’s the suggestion of sending beef to Japan – apparently unaware they still haven’t lifted the ban put in place due to the BSE crisis. I’m sure the suggestion of less regulations in this country will reassure the Japanese government.

And on top of this the bile and hatred from the media towards immigrants keeps increasing. CsJeORCWAAEyKo3.jpg

Papers like the Express churning out shite day after day; no wonder some are so fearful if this is how they get their news. And now as we politically run off a cliff edge they desperately look for more scapegoats/distractions so their readers don’t wise up. Scotland is an obvious one; how dare we not joyfully join in this madness. Although the garbage that Siobhan McFadyan spews out on a regular basis must surely test even the most devoted Express reader’s credulity.

There’s now been outrage that one of the few child refugees that this country have actually allowed in may not be under 18. The Sun in its wisdom has decided to call for Gary Linekar to be sacked because he has shown compassion and humility. The presenter of Match of the Day is currently a leading voice for reason. Yet again – what the fuck?!

I would imagine after travelling on foot from Syria that there won’t be many children looking bright-eyed and cherubic. To be perfectly honest I don’t give a shit if they are 17, 19, 25 or 45 NO ONE should go through what they have.

Maybe if this country didn’t view every political area as an opportunity to sell arms the world might be a better place and there possibly would be less dispossessed people. Just a thought.

British fucking values now appear to be intolerance, petty-minded, selfishness, anger, hatred.

I was asked this weekend whether the Brexit vote surprised me, and you know what? It didn’t. Over the past 10 years, 6 living in England and 4 in Scotland, I have seen England become smaller and more insular.

Every time I came “home” the difference has become more pronounced. I grew up and lived in areas with minimal immigration, those that had moved there were propping up the NHS, filling gaps in the dental service, operating the local takeaways. How must they feel now knowing their clients/customers want them gone.

And it’s not their fault for the problems in our economy, it’s not even the fault of the EU. It’s the greedy,selfish bastards we’ve had in power for the last 40 years. Fucking Thatcherism and it’s selfish me-first creed, followed by Blairism – who was comfortable with the wealthy (too fucking comfortable).

Workers rights targeted and then not reinstated. Council houses sold off and not replaced. Wages allowed to stagnate by propping them up with tax credits. Corporations being let off the hook for tax avoidance while individuals and small businesses targeted. The sick, disabled  & out of work cruelly persecuted by the system that is supposed to catch them. The young seeing education & homes being priced out of reach and then called lazy. Now the older generation with the WASPI women not told of their pension change for years.

And we have a least another 10 years of this to go.

But hey as long as we have X-Factor & Great British Bake Off/Sewing Bee/Menu/Railway Journeys/Composers on Film/Benefits Handout and Secrets of Great British Castles on TV we’ll be fine.





5 thoughts on “Faulty

  1. i have gone beyond despair at the MSM reporting “facts” so i have lessened the sphere of influence, I no longer have a TV licence (so no live tv for me) and i don’t often buy newspapers (except occasionally the National) I find that I am able to remain on top of current events without my blood pressure spiking to near fatal levels and if occasionally i miss a celebrity marriage/death/misconduct then its a very small price to pay. Talking with friends and colleagues and using social media for my news seems to be working ok so far and to be honest I am calmer and more rational for not watching BBCQT


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