Autumn days


I’ve had a few days of cutting down on politics as I felt quite low earlier this week but getting out in the sunshine and seeing the glorious autumn colours has helped me no end.

I regularly talk about Westminster being a boys club for the out-of-touch or sociopathic but seeing the Tories out-right denial of the effects of their policies feels like the knife is being twisted. They are either unaware which means they are incompetent or they don’t care (my guess) and both options makes them unfit for office.

You only have to see pictures from the Spectator’s award ceremony to see they view it as a game. Problem with this game is the pawns aren’t neatly stacked to the side to play again, once they have lost, they are lost for good.

The extra cuts they have planned are still coming; housing caps are being introduced pre-Christmas (nice touch there) that will put more people under greater financial strain. Those that have been walking the tightrope will now find it’s been greased. More evictions, more homelessness, more pressure for councils.

And what good does it do? Nothing. Even looking at it purely financially these actions are a waste of time. They don’t save the country money, it just means the money comes out of a different pot. What it does do is cause distress as it affects the quality of life for many.

This is supposed to be Great Britain, the 5th (or is it 6th wealthiest country in the world) How can we expect these fuckers to care about the turmoil they help create around the world when they don’t give a damn about their own citizens?

“Oh we need to put our people first,” well then do it you selfish bastards.

Is it any wonder Brexit has unleashed the level of scapegoating, blame and hatred it has.

I see the BrexitBus has hit another fucking great pothole this morning.Weird how those who were demanding sovereignty for their country doesn’t like it when their courts put their parliament in charge.  I thought that was the point.

I hope they fail at the Court of Appeal; the irony of them even considering taking it to the European court is delicious.

Despite the fact the idiots who vote Tory are mainly in England, I still would not wish being stuck on this island without the cushion of the EU being inflicted on anyone. I’ve seen the Mail’s headline today screaming that one of the judges involved is gay. (How dare someone gay have a legal mind)

Once they have finished blaming EU immigrants for the current inequality do you think they will stop there? It will be Commonwealth immigrants, the out of work, the low-paid, the disabled, the Irish, the Scots, the young, the old, LGBT, women, anyone who isn’t a tax-avoiding 1%er.

Gods help you if you step out of line. Oh yeah and don’t be anything apart from Christian and probably best if you are CofE.

A Kipper Britain is not what I want for my child. Growing up in the 70s was bad enough, seriously how could a decade feel grey with so much Technicolor in it? These morons want us back in the 50s, but the way the Government are handling things we could be heading for the 20s or Victorian age. They are already splitting up pensioner couples in “care” homes. So much for the right to a family life.

But never fear!

A hero has come forth with his vision.

Yes, Gordon Brown has returned. Again.

So is this his first intervention in a new campaign? Let face it this man enters debates for the first time more often than Neil Findey makes a fool of himself.

He’s pushing his super-dooper, federalised Britain again.  I feel confident that I can speak for more than just myself when I say “Fuck off Gordon, you ridiculous old has-been.”

It may have worked in 2014, but how many times can you push the same line and think you will get away with it? Cameron well and truly killed the possibility of federalism on the morning of the 19th September 2014 and the fucking vow is a joke.

Just go back to obscurity, trust me that will be easier than this constant competition with Blair to be relevant. You aren’t. Neither of you.

I don’t know about you, but Brown making an appearance now makes me think the unionists are getting desperate. He’s usually a main act not a warm up.

Still waiting for that positive case for the union though….






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