Ignorance is bliss

I woke at 3:50 this morning and checked Twitter just as AP broke that Florida had declared for Trump. Amazingly enough I did fall asleep only to repeat the process at 7:30 when they declared him President-elect.

It’s now 8:00 and the only one in the house who isn’t aware of this is my husband who is still blissfully sleeping. I’m not going to wake him.

My daughter asked why would anyone vote for him?

How do I answer that? This is what happens when you watch too much reality TV?

The Democrats were so wedded to neo-liberalism they picked the wrong candidate, I am convinced Sanders would have beaten Trump. He gave hope which is what most Americans needed, and unlike Trump’s “Make America great again” slogan actually had policies that would have helped them.

I don’t think this wipe-out is what the Republicans or Trump expected. They have full control and that means full accountability. Trump is going to find out that being President is not as fun as he thinks and actually means doing something. Congress and the Senate are going to have to be the ones keeping him in line. He’s their President. And what he does will reflect on them.

Part of me wonders if this win is what final finishes the party off. What happens when they don’t make America great? There’s going to be a lot of disappointed people.

The next 4 years is going to be tough, as a woman I would not want to live in America, an unfettered right-wing is going to try take their country back 50 years re reproductive rights. Those in any minority group are going to find life much harder. We’ve seen intolerance rise here after the EU Referendum; a President openly endorsed by the KKK is going to empower their bigots.

Re the nuclear codes, we’ve made it through presidencies of fundamental evangelicalists who believe in the book of Revelations. I’m working on the theory if they can take away his Twitter account they will hopefully give him a dummy button.  Ex-military personal who have previously been the ones who would have done the actual button pressing/key turning have already said they would be less confident to go ahead with firing if he was President.  The military needs to have confidence in their C-in-C and what they will have is a draft dodger who insult veterans. And finally,  even though Trump is a petulant toddler I think even he would see setting off Armageddon as bad PR.

We live in very interesting times and as a final thought, can you imagine being Theresa May explaining what the “Special Relationship” is to that oaf?



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