Paused for thought


No bad pun this time, I can’t say I feel much like joking when it come to politics at the moment. (Admittedly the Biden memes have been a welcome distraction.) There’s been so much commentary being put out this week I haven’t had the heart to write anything.

The Trump win wasn’t a shock, this rabid right-wing car crash has been unfolding in front of us for a while now. It just takes time to process the enormity of what has happened.

I was hoping that he was going to be figurehead, a buffoon much like our Foreign Secretary, but the transition team he is announcing frankly scares me. He’s putting actual white supremacists in post. They make May’s cabinet look warm, friendly & compassionate and I get the impression that as long as they are loyal to him he will let them do whatever they want.

It’s not just his country he can and will fuck over, if he continues his belief that climate change is a conspiracy to aid China and tears up the Paris agreement we are all screwed (SE England in particular – you’re sinking)

At the same time, shocking no-one who lives outside the 1940s, the “special relationship” has been shown to be what it is a hackneyed phrase. Obama has stated that Angela Merkel as his closest international partner and Trump called a number of other Heads of State before May – presumably he considers the UK a Yes Man, if he thinks of it at all.

UK facing Brexit unprepared and our “ally” is heading for isolationism. It doesn’t get any easier for the Westminster Government.

But what have they been up to while the media is distracted?


They also have plans to add limits to the Freedom of Information Act and the IP Bill went through Parliament today.

Yeah, everything is fucking hunky dory.

Plus there are rumours that they will make Farage a peer. So much for standing up against the unelected establishment. I feel sorry for whomever has to extract him from Trumps arse first.

A gold lift?! Jesus wept.

In Scotland, whilst asking what is the SNP’s plan re Brexit (and previously campaigning for Remain) the Tories and LibDems voted against an SNP motion supporting Scotland’s membership of the Single Market, whereas Labour – yes you guessed it – abstained.

Don’t know why they don’t just merge to form a unionist party, they could have a brand new name that stands for what they believe in, something like Britain First…


I have to add I feel flat; it’s one of those times when politics feels like a mountain looming over me.  It would be easy to crawl into a hole and hope this goes away, but I know it won’t.

Despite the fucking insanity that is half of social media I am pleased it is exists because this mountain is too hard to face on my own. The people on there give me the confidence to face the real world, to continue to protest and to climb this stupid pile of rocks.



2 thoughts on “Paused for thought

  1. “I feel flat” fuck me woman, was there ever a time to feel more alive, look at the mountain we face, We’re way beyond strong enuf, bring it on and let’s kick it’s arse.

    We’re going to win this, the unionist parties now know it, that’s why they’re starting to panic, let their panic feed you, let it motivate you, use it, it’s more potent than you can imagine.

    This job is done, we just need to bring it to it’s conclusion.

    Stay safe.


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