I know it’s still only November and my inner Grinch is screaming but I am aware not every one leaves preparations as late as me.

If you spend any time in my little corner of Scottish twitter, you’ll be aware of #ToryFeeders where MrMalky does regular reminders of which companies (often incredibly large ones with bad HR practices) give money to the Tory party.

Occasionally I’ve seen people ask for alternatives, especially which companies support Scottish Independence. The ones I know of are often small, run by one or two people and need our support (I’m a big fan of shop local too, I like the idea of keeping our money in our communities)

Last year I tried to highlight the few I know of in the run up to Christmas. If I get enough positive feedback from both of you dear readers I’d like to set up a “Support List” – yes I know it needs a better name.

In the short-term I’m planning to tweet company names under #YesmasShopping.

Features image by Red Raiph. Cards available at Bonny Badge Company, Books here, other stuff here


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