Sticks and stones


There have been reports today that Johnson allies have told senior Tories they must stop Boris-bashing (I’ll let you add your own joke there)

Oh my fucking god. This man has built his whole political career on being a clown. His time in Brussels while writing for The Telegraph was an exercise in seeing how many lies he could feed to a gullible public.

In the few months of him being Foreign Secretary he has regularly embarrassed himself and the UK with his attitude to other nations. He has undermined the minuscule negotiating position the UK had to start with, but no-one should take the piss out of him?

At the same time Farage – the ultimate self-promoter – is going to attempt to insert himself further up Trumps rectum (may explain Trump’s expression in some of his pictures) and apologise to the President-elect for criticism from the British public. Well the pair of them can fuck right off.

This Great British patriot feels unsafe – how dare he. The levels of hate crime has increased dramatically in England & Wales thanks to the rhetoric from him and his ilk. How dare he says he feels unsafe after a tolerant MP was murdered in the street and people from minorities face both verbal and physical abuse and .

I would feel sorry for the US, but as they are in the process of putting the far right into government another prick won’t make any difference. Just as a side point – why are white nationalists such ugly fuckers? Is it the restrictive gene pool or just the bitterness and hate coming to the surface?

If there is such a thing as British Values (apart from invading places for their resources, fucking up the local economy and then abandoning them in disarray) taking the piss out of puffed up egotists has to be included.

Treating these wankers with respect should not happen. Giving them a chance should not happen. All to the good if ridicule pricks their fragile egos; what’s the phrase? “It’s banter.”

Their actions have resulted in people being hurt, bruised pride is nothing in comparison.


Featured image:LifeofPix/Shingles (I wasn’t going to put a picture of those fuckwits up)


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