Il Dukip*


Nuttall was elected Head Kipper yesterday. From all accounts the BBC ran and ran with it (1 MP – since when did the Greens get this level of attention?)

Of course Farage was still the media’s darling. I suppose they have to get as many pictures of the gurning idiot before he flees to the money safety of the US.

Hope not hate have put out an article Ten reasons to oppose the new UKIP leader. To be honest I only need one; he’s in UKIP.

His appointment appears to have made northern Labour MPs a bit twitchy going by the flurry of tweets suddenly defending the NHS. Yes, we know he wants to privatise the NHS – he’s another ex-Tory and has not exactly been quiet about it. He may have a working class background but oh boy he wants to make life easier for the elite group that backs him.

Have those Labour MPS considered that well as using this as an attacking point why not also point out that the NHS is highly dependent on migration, and that a foreign doctor is preferable to no doctor at all. I can remember when there was a campaign to get Polish dentists into Lincolnshire because of the lack of NHS provision.

You know, set a gap between yourselves and the right for once. Also not abstaining or voting with the Tories might help. 

Nuttall said yesterday that UKIP had “wiped out” the far-right in the U.K. No, the BNP & NF haven’t suddenly given up; UKIP signed them up, covered their tattoos, put them in suits so they didn’t offend the BBC, who then put them in the audience of EVERY FUCKING EPISODE OF QUESTION TIME.

As for Scotland, well it looks like more of the same; this is the party that had the dissolution of Holyrood as part of its manifesto.  Yesterday Nuttall said that the Commons should be English only, you have to feel sorry for English Parliamentarians – with only 533 of the 650 (82%) they don’t get their voices heard nearly enough.

The UKIP Scotland website is still attempting to be the home of the cringe. “Our purpose is to restore the authority for governing Britain to our elected parliament in Westminster”. (I’m sorry I couldn’t get much further than that, the picture of Coburn was off-putting.)

Nuttall is an English nationalist of the worst kind, the type of arsehole you report and block automatically. Unfortunately our media will use him as click-bait, the same as they did for Farage, that worked out well.

Is he good for English politics? – NO.

Is he good for Scottish independence?- I hope so.


*Thanks to @OldNorthRoad for the title.

Featured image – the irreplaceable Rik Mayall & Ade Edmondson; they’re nicer to look at.


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