A tale of two tweets

Lighten up.

Food bank usage and homelessness is rocketing but people should lighten up and eat a mince pie.

Honestly, I was so angry when I read that last night. This level of detachment from what many people are going through is staggering, and yet so typical. Does Ruth not see the figures sleeping in shop doorways? I suppose she sees it as  lifestyle choice.

Her conscience is clear because she goes to church

Maybe if the fucking Tories actually practiced what Christ preached rather than used church as an shield for their heartlessness, just maybe this country wouldn’t be such a fucking mess.

I have no objection to people following a religion but this hypocrisy sickens me.

We’ll get some numpty soon doing the annual “Christians aren’t allowed to talk about their faith” – is it any wonder when people like May, Davidson, Blair and Brown  use it to ease their consciences.

I know some wonderful Christians, who go out of their way to help people, but I’ve tended to notice they don’t shout about their faith they live it. Same with Buddhists, Muslims, Pagans, Sikhs & Wiccans. Kindness is much more important (and a better example of character than attending a building once a week)

All going to church does is make you a good churchgoer not a good Christian.


One thought on “A tale of two tweets

  1. you cant expect Ruth to change (a leopard and its spots etc) her comment is typical of the contempt and utter lack of compassion that she and her ilk feel for the rest of humanity, there is no Christian humility or kindness in her, she wears her Christianity like a badge, it absolves her of any guilt or blame for her actions.. In my opinion the only people more contemptible than the Tories are the people that voted for them


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