Staying put


I had a rant in April this year about the election of Lib Dem Hereditary Peer Lord John Thurso to the House of Lords – an election which had  3 (THREE) voters. Lord Avebury, Thurso’s own predecessor, believed that these positions once vacated should not be filled.

There are still 92 anachronisms left in this bloated second chamber, thanks to Labour’s botched half-arsed reforms.

Today Labour’s Lord Grocott, put forward a similar proposal to Lord Avebury’s which would remove the election process used to fill vacancies caused by the death, resignation or expulsion of the hereditary peers.

However four Conservative peers – Lord Trefgarne, the Earl of Caithness, Lord Northbrook, and Lord Mancroft  – tabled more than 50 amendments to House of Lords Act 1999 (Amendment) Bill in one day as part of their successful

Viscount Trenchard said the

presence of the hereditaries in this House is seen as a continuation of a great tradition.

It is a link with history and therefore I think that those who wish to end the hereditary principle for topping up the 92 hereditary peers make a mistake.

Of course the fact he gets £300 a day to turn up probably has no bearing on the matter at all.

I think it shows just how fucked up this system is that hereditary peers can scupper reforms to the House of Lords. Can you imagine any other job where you can stop yourself being made redundant?

Tradition? Fucking fancy dress and party games in ermine & diamonds.

I’d swap it all for a written constitution.


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