Brew up


I’ve been trying to work out Labour’s position on immigration after Corbyn’s speech today. Kinnock Jr had moved (further?) to the right calling for work permits.

The briefing note sent out this morning stated:

Labour is not wedded to freedom of movement for EU citizens as a point of principle.

But nor can we afford to lose full access to the European markets on which so many British businesses and jobs depend. Changes to the way migration rules operate from the EU will be part of the negotiations.

Labour supports fair rules and reasonably managed migration as part of the post-Brexit relationship with the EU.

Now I’m pretty sure the EU has already made it quite clear that you can’t do a pick n mix of the 4 freedoms: goods, capital, services, and people

However when asked if he had changed his mind that EU migration to the UK is not too high, he said No.

The main focus in the Kussenberg interview [spoiler – she asked if he would consider his position – sorry, predictable that’s what I meant] is that freedom of movement was being exploited by employer.

My mind is quite clear that we need to end the exploitation that’s going on, we need to maintain a market access within Europe and we need to ensure there are good relations between all communities.

All very worthy and should already be a focus. Rising tides not lowest common denominator etc. To me he doesn’t come across as being that bothered, and I’m disappointed as I had hoped this was the man to turn Labour around in England (no hope in Scotland it’s still full of Bliarites)

So in desperation I looked at the UK Labour account – well you’d have to be – hoping for something concise. For what was suppose to be a major part of a fairly high key speech I found this:

But to have full access means the 4 Freedoms – which involves full movement of people. *head-desk*

To be honest I think they have done better not saying anything or even what would have been preferable verbally gutting Hunt over the English NHS – it’s an open goal FFS.



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