Roll up, Barnum’s in town

To be fair, I’ve been continuing like that whenever I’ve checked social media or the news. I followed the #TrumpPressConference this afternoon and to say it played out like a bad TV drama is complementary. 

In 9 (NINE!) days time this petulant spoilt man-child will become President of the US.

As to the allegations made last night – if true – I don’t give a damn what 2 (3,4 5 or however many) consenting adults get up to in private, it is their business and no one else’s. The irony is that  Trump will be a Republican President, a party who do pry, interfere and harass people who don’t fit their ideals. Being a rich Caucasian means he get a pass from them no matter how much of an odious narcissistic misogynist he is.

Once you get past the purulent details,  the main question is the supposed links between Putin and Trump and his team. If true and he is compromised either willingly or through blackmail, how can he be President? But that’s the question I’ve asked that every time the arse opens his mouth.

He has got away with so much already and any future press holding to account will become more difficult. He’s not going to grow up or compromise, he will bully and bluster his way through the next four years

It’s been six months since his last press conference and he’s lashing out from the start: CNN “I’m not going to give you a question. You are fake news” and  Buzzfeed. “Failing pile of garbage.”

CNN have already responded:

c16d-q6wqaa68txQuestion is will the rest of the press stand up to him and investigate or just roll over?

He has said only the press was interested in his tax returns. If I were  American I know I’d want to know what he was up to. He doesn’t see the Presidency as a way to improve the lives of Americans, he sees at as another USP for his business.

This current issue is like the Ashcroft book & Piggate; no matter what financial irregularities Cameron had the pig is what media and people talked about. An mortifying but effective squirrel.


It’s easy to laugh or get angry at Trump supporters – especially when you hear about such stupid levels of political ignorance and self-harm. But we are no better over here.

Honestly how could anyone believe the NHS was going to get an extra £350 million a week. Just because it’s on a bus doesn’t make it true. Government can always find money when they want for their priorities.

For the Tories they are Trident, House of Commons and Buck House refurbishments, HS2 and if Gove can get away with it another boat. But not a useful one.

How on earth did our fishermen think leaving the EU would help them? Europe is their principle market and it’s not like Westminster hasn’t used them in the past in trading deals.

Yes they have quotas and they want to fish more but even with them there is a history of over-fishing.

Smaller vessels could do with higher quotas and yet again this falls to Westminster as it is up to the Environment Minister as to how that is split across the British fleet.

So much comes down to an unwillingness to look beyond the headline or soundbite.  Too many have the opinion “I’m alright Jack” until they aren’t and then their attitude is “I didn’t mean people like me”. What they forget is we are all people like them, not just characters n the latest poverty porn TV show.

If you vote for Tories you are going to get screwed over whether it be your health, education,  environmentally, financially or as a society.








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