So this is it

May surprised us today with a speech on Brexit (well as surprising as it can be after being leaked all weekend) Full transcript here, if you like me can’t bear the sound of her voice.

Make the most of it because this is “it” by the way, THIS is the plan.

[As an aside the Canary has done a piece on how all this breaks the Tory manifesto promises in the last election.]

To quote so many of our unionist politicians, it’s a pity she can’t concentrate on the  day job. English NHS in crisis due to defunding and it appears there are plans to reduce nurses by another 7,000! Archived Telegraph link here. It’s not the EU ruining the National Health Service it’s the fucking Tories.

I should probably point out now if you want calm try Wilderness of Peace or in-depth analysis David Allen Green.

David Davies has already said that the view of Parliament will be ignored; that Britain will leave even if the deal is voted down. So much for the people (and their representatives) taking back power from unelected elites!

For fuck sake we may as well have UKIP in power and it seems that both Farage & Nuttall seem to think so too.

So what is this master plan? They managed to drag it out to a 12 page PowerPoint presentation. I despair, this is their project and it looks like something a 1st year at senior school rushed together in 20 minutes on a Monday morning.

Wherever we can…. aye, I can see that happening a lot. They’ve been so forthcoming up to now.

They already are.

Northern Ireland has just dissolved its assembly and post the EU Referendum we saw Ian Paisley Jr (!) offering to countersign Irish passports for his constituents. In Scotland the IndyRef2 campaign is up and raring to go.

How does this work exactly, British subjects freely entering Europe but European citizens aren’t allowed to come back? Or only Irish citizens? And they think they can control this without a hard border? Well if it works in Ireland, it will work with an independent Scotland.

That’s right piss off out closest neighbours, it’s not like we have anyone living in Europe

Source: Huffington Post

Oh look, so our migrants will be protected even though we’re not letting anyone in, refusing student visas, etc. etc.

Bollocks – if you believe that I have a bridge you may be interested in buying. Since when has a Tory party improved workers rights, more like the opposite is planned.

Yeah, like didn’t we have that already?

Yup, they are queuing up to screw work with us. I mean I’d trust Trump O.o

On the other hand I wouldn’t put it past some of the Brexiteers to talk about setting up the East India Trading Company. again.

Is that why a German neuroscientist has been told to leave the UK?

Because there’s nothing like leaving a club to have the other members trust you.

Well they do say to always end on a joke.


Brexit is a fucking mess and it hasn’t even started yet.

I think the majority will suffer when it does.

  • The next generation missing out on education, work & travel opportunities.
  • If you are ill or infirm and rely on the NHS or social care you are screwed.
  • Pensions becoming a thing of the past as people have to work longer to make up for shortfall in the workforce.

This whole tax haven threat is just shite. Yes, you may get companies registering here because they pay sod all tax (and how’s that going to help the UK deficit?) but they don’t bring jobs.

Brexit will be a Tory wet dream and yet Scottish Labour still whine that we must stay in this union. Just what will it take to get them to open their eyes? The left will fall together in the UK OR Scotland could show the neo-liberal wankers that there is another way to do things.

Let us be an example. Let us show what it is to live in the early days of a better nation.












2 thoughts on “So this is it

  1. Elizabeth

    Hello 🙂 I just thought I would say hi and I really enjoyed reading this – as I do all your posts, so thanks for putting it together. My blog is also to stop me ranting at people in the street so I was very happy to read someone else coming out and saying that is why they have one! Anyway, the effort is appreciated.


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