Hide Away


Some days blogging is easy; there’s something that clearly leaps out at me and the need to vent just comes. Trident or fracking for example.

Then there are days like the immediate aftermath of the EU Ref when I used this to help me keep track of what is going on.

This week however it is not easy – not because there isn’t stuff to talk about but because there is just so much. Too much.

I look at what’s going on in the US and to be perfectly honest my first reaction is to  hide in bed for the next 4 years. Trump being an egotistical bully what not a surprise but I am still shocked at just how much he is trying to steam roller through and how quick it is happening.

It’s not even been a week and so far we have:

Since that was posted (Thanks V) he wants to

  • reopen CIA black sites

  • reintroduce waterboarding

If you haven’t seen the footage of Christopher Hitchens being waterboarded you should.

  • he wants a weekly list of crimes committed by immigrants
  • the senior management at the State department have resigned
  • and finally (more the case I daren’t look) Sean Spicer – the White House Chief Liar Press Secretary – has tweeted his password to Twitter TWO DAYS IN A ROW

The Mexican President has cancelled next week’s summit with the tangerine toddler (and who can blame him) but Theresa May is galloping over there to be the first to kiss his ring – sorry my mistake that’s Popes not Presidents.

She’s desperate for support  after being knocked back by India, Australia and Switzerland. If it weren’t for us still being in the EU right now she’d be handing over our Health Service faster than you can say NHS.

Supposedly she has said this afternoon (after an outcry) that the UK will stop sharing intelligence with the US if they introduce torture. Call me a cynic but with the UK’s history of  aiding rendition flights and our links to Saudi don’t fill me with confidence. Added to that Mystifying May has never given a straight answer all the time she has been PM.




5 thoughts on “Hide Away

  1. I know what you mean about wanting to hide away until it all disappears. But it’s all the more imperative to absolutely not. Trump is a headcase. He needs stopping. The fiasco here is a feckin’ fiasco. I’m angry. Angry and determined that I’ll do whatever I can to stop the pendulum flying right off the clock. The swing to the right all over is scary. Absolutely. But there is more of us – normal folk (think I’m normal) – than there is of them. We just have to be more vociferous, more active. I’m not trusting my kids’ futures to these morons. Enough.


  2. in the midst of all of the chaos, mayhem and general feelings of despair that i all too often feel these days with regard to Scottish, UK and world politics, it was great to chuckle out loud at “the tangerine toddler” you have cheered me up no end 😂


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