51st state

You get 2-4-1 on blogs today. This and one about the Labour party

This was recorded in 1986 but I think we’re closer now than we were then.

May is an embarrassment. Beyond an embarrassment, her behavior with Trump was humiliating. I may want Scotland to leave the UK but right now we are still part of it and her obsequiousness was nauseating.

Jeez, she answered his questions (have to admit Laura Kussenberg actually acted like a journalist for once) and then held his hand.What is this? Is the UK to be the US’s carer? I was cringing so hard it took an hour to uncurl my toes. Ugh I know it’s not a major thing but I would have spent the night scrubbing my hand à la Lady Macbeth after touching the megalomaniac mandarin’s mitts.

As for the conference itself, well Trump got himself an invite for a state visit -occasionally it is possible to find sympathy for our hereditary parasite monarch, I hope they keep Kate out of arms length. I imagine he’ll find Buck House a bit plain and subdued compared to his own home, as  I believe there are some things not gilded.

May congratulated Trump on a “stunning victory.” I suppose when you snuck in as leader because the other fuckwits contenders dropped out becoming President despite losing the popular vote is impressive.

Luckily no trade deals can be discussed with the US while we are still members of the EU because if anyone thinks this “special relationship” is special to Trump – in any other way apart from how he can be the first to carve us up – there’s a Nigerian Prince who has a business opportunity for you

Of course he’s going to say Brexit will be great. It’s going to be great for him. It’s like seeing lions separate the weakest member from the herd before they devour it.

I really hope this government will now stop harking on about British Values because I didn’t see any pressure being applied over the horrific decisions he has made this week re immigration, women’s rights scientific freedoms, etc.

And where is she today?

In Turkey, meeting Erdoğan for more of the same. Pretty sure a fear of Turkey joining the EU was a major argument of the Leave campaign. But weapons don’t sell themselves, don’t cha know. Got to keep the shareholders happy.

The UK will end up (is?) a pariah state; is there no regime we won’t sell too?

Who’s next on her visits abroad? Kim Jong-un, Ali Khamenei, Omar al-Bashir, Bashar al-Assad?

Hell, Johnson has already softened UK foreign policy towards Assad.

Once we leave the EU we’re going to be the equivalent of the snotty-nosed kid who sucks up to the school bully in order to stop having the shite kicked out of them by everyone else.

At no point did Trump say “Make the Anglo-American Alliance Great” he’s all about America First and the knuckledraggers in Britain First should show what a fucking awful slogan that is.

Scotland has two choices, do we want to be part of this lickspittal, warmongering, xenophobic petty union or do we make a stand and say no, that human lives and human rights matter?







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