Leaving Labour

It’s not a good week for Labour, if possible they are even more fucking clueless than normal.

I’ve found myself agreeing with Duncan Hothersall for fuck sake


To be fair I’ve felt like I’ve been screaming at them for years now over  number of issues but this one is up there with abstaining on welfare cuts, nuclear weapons and fracking.

In fact it may actually be the worst because a UK sold by Tories to the US is going to be a FUCKING NIGHTMARE

There are a number of Labour MPs who have declared they will vote against (and I hope they do rather than just abstaining and claiming it is opposition) including our one and only Ian Murray.

To be fair Murray is aware of his constituents feelings, unlike our Governor General Mundell who seems to have forgotten he only won his pro-Remain seat by less than 900 votes and after breaking his election spending limits. Sticking to the party line is going to hurt him – analysis by UEA has him in the top 9 most likely to be kicked out to the next election. He better hope he’s sooked up enough to get his arse on the red leather benches

Jo Stevens has already resigned as Shadow Welsh Secretary (her replacement will be the fifth in 16 months) as has Tulip Siddiq as Shadow Minister for Early Years.

At the same time it appears that some Labour MPs – members of the Labour Leave group – donated £18,500 directly to UKIP


A group funded by a Tories giving money to UKIP. Is it any wonder they get called Red Tories?

They should be expelled.

Their statement in reply is bollocks:


The money should have gone to the organising group not UKIP. Yet again Labour MPs line up with the right-wing, something we saw so many times in the first IndyRef.

People were expelled from the Labour Party for fundraising for others membership during the last leadership election after the £25 swindle. This is giving money to another party; one that deliberately targets their voter base, never mind the right-wing lies and hatred they peddle.

Meanwhile in Scotland they are sending out fundraising emails (thanks for the laugh Jum):

Have a close look at that tea towel:

  • Home Rule
  • Democratic Government
  • Justice to labour
  • No monopoly
  • No landlordism
  • Temperance reform
  • Healthy homes
  • Fair rents
  • Eight-hour days
  • Work for the unemployed

I think we should wire his Cunnock grave up to a generator – if he knew how bad the party is now he’d birl so fast we could power Ayrshire.

Just think Labour voters  you could use your Keir Hardy tea towel to dry your Immigration mug as you stare into the distance wondering when you sold your soul.

And going by the latest council elections many of you have. How does a Labour voter look to the complete fuck up the UK is and think I better vote Tory to keep the union? You vote for them you vote for the hatred, the cuts, the terrorising of the disabled, the poor, he young and the vulnerable. I hope your UJs keep you warm when they come for you next, because they will.


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