Take a good look at yourself


Ruth “I’m the fluffy bunny type Tory” Davidson gave a speech today at the David Hume Institute accusing Nicola Sturgeon of bullying Scots into “yet another fratricidal conflict.” (Following the mandate she was elected on is bullying?)

Fratricidal (Merriam-Webster)

  1. 1:  one that murders or kills his or her own brother or sister or an individual (as a countryman) having a relationship like that of a brother or sister

  2. 2:  the act of a fratricide

Now as far as I’m aware the most heated the independence debate got from the Yes side was Jim Murphy’s egg – a situation he milked as much as possible.(I dairy-ed to go with that)

Actual violence – the most obvious being George Square on the 19th September – was more common on the Unionist side – two that come to mind easily being a woman being kicked and a pensioner getting his arm broken. The side of the debate that kept calling it divisive was the unionists. The anger in the language used by them was palpable and was designed to inflame. How dare anyone question the status quo?

We dared then and we still do. It’s called living in a free country.

There was a brief spate of commentary in the Scottish press last May talking about the Ulsterisation of Scottish politics. Luckily this was something they were quickly called out for. To compare an upswing in political education and discussion to what happened in Northern Ireland is shameful. For Davidson to come out with something similar appalls me.

She has set herself up as a modern-day general defending the Union to the bitter end. The rhetoric is abysmal in these times. A sensible approach would be more tempered, to put forward the benefits to Scotland remaining (whatever they are?) It is less than 9 months since an MP was murdered by a right-wing terrorist. We do not want to go down the route of violence.

Davidson goes on and on about the next referendum and how the SNP needs to get on with its day job. But what is her day job? She is the branch manager of the party that took us into this fucking stupid EU Referendum, the party of austerity, of cutting the Health Service, Education, Libraries, Community Centers, Sure Start etc.

No bloody wonder all she talks about is a referendum, she trying to distract from what’s going on in England – what would happen in Scotland if she ever got her arse in the First Minister’s chair.

As for lumping Scotland to post-Trump US – what fucking planet is she on?! Which party leader has just been seen holding hands with the mango maniac? Which party leader gave the most mealy-mouthed pathetic response to the Muslim Ban? Which party leader invited the world largest egotist on a state visit?

There’s only one party in this country linked to Trump (I don’t class UKIP as a party – they’re a hate movement) and it’s not the SNP.

Yes there were some that wished IndyRef had never happened, that wanted their lives to continue as they had always had.  I think the last two years have shown that was never going to be an option.

I was disheartened (massive understatement) today listening to MPs who said they thought Brexit was a terrible idea but they would still vote for Article 50. I hope in five years time they still feel they made the right choice.

The world changes and we must change with it. The UK is hellbent on leaving the EU and being a junior partner to the US; a very junior partner more of a tea-boy. Taking us through this process is a Prime Minister who has been caught out in the last two weeks evading the truth on Trident misfiring and knowing about Trump’s Muslim ban.

Mendacious May fits her as well as Theresa the Appeaser, neither of which are qualities I look for in  leader.

We must make a choice; to be like May and suck up to the biggest bully in the schoolyard or to stand and say no this is not what we want, this is not who we are.

The choice is coming and no over-promoted Head Girl is going to stop it.





2 thoughts on “Take a good look at yourself

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  2. This writer has hit the nail on the head.Ruth Davidson does not represent Scotland,does not fight for Scotland,better suited to British National Party or The National Front,in her party she has racist and sexist M.P,s ans M.S.P,s,if they say sorry are forgiven and welcomed back in.Sitting on the barrel of a gun,encourages the thugs,used as her heavy squad,ie George Square,burning the St Andrews flags.Her idea of a day job is sitting in the ENGLISH TORY CABINET,and no doubt spending time in David Mundell,s 70 strong cabal,plotting Scotland,s North Britain project,under the guise of being the Scottish Office.Dark money from a secretive source to buy your votes,with illegal expenditure through an area that there is no cap on illegal expenses.To Ruth Davidson,it is most definitely Party before country, supported by her people imported from elsewhere??


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