Not so hot off the press


Whilst the rest of the world was watching or actively avoiding the Inauguration the other week (It’s only been 12 days so far!) I attended a second talk in Girvan on the Independence movement.

The first of these #CarrickChats – hosted by the formidable & very funny @ScaryCath was back in September last year. It starred Ginger ably supported by Paul Kavanagh.  Yet again I have to say if you get the chance book Paul for your local Yes group.

This time it was a more controversial speaker, Eric Joyce. With him being ex-military and member of the Blairite government I wasn’t sure what I would make of him but I am aware that he is the type of person we need to persuade in order to win next time

I was interested to see how he had come from from no to yes – which handily is the name of his blog  and always well worth a read.

Luckily I don’t have to go into detail of his talk as we streamed it on Periscope. It was a last-minute decision which I think worked better than either Cath or I expected.

I’ll apologise now for the wobble in the 2nd & 3rd parts, we couldn’t prop the phone up at the time as it was charging and I got the giggles. Although the wonderful @DefiAye was there literally to lend a hand.

Part 1: Eric talks (1 hr 15 min)

Part 2: Start of Q&A session (5 min – signal broke up)

Part 3: Remainder of Q&A session (53 mins)

I found Part 1 interesting as it explained where Eric was coming from being a unionist and part of the establishment in the first IndyRef

Part 2 & 3 gave more information as to where he though we were going and I felt there were some interesting points from the floor.

This post should have started with a picture of Eric wearing a Yes badge (donated by the charming and infamous @YesThatcherDead) but I’m an idiot and lost my phone this week. Instead you have Ailsa Craig painted by DefiAye. No offence intended Eric, but it is prettier.



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