I’m not going to write about the Brexit White Paper (follow @Law_and_policy ) apart from commenting that it seems to have been a tad rushed, which is possibly why it has British workers down as having 14 weeks holiday a year. And that it appears that Scottish fishing industry re going to get shafted AGAIN.

Instead and with great distaste I’m going to talk about Murdo Fraser. I would say he’s the Scottish branch office’s version of Boris Johnson, but some idiots people still like Johnson whereas Fraser is a charmless tool.

Fraser has not had a good 24 hours – I believe his team did not do so well at football yesterday evening and so Ruth’s pet troll has been more stroppy than normal.

Of course the result can’t be blamed for the general fuckwittery spouted before the match:

He means the SNP MP who got elected to a seat in her own right (46% of the vote) as opposed to his “outstanding” record:.

  • Unsuccessful for Holyrood in 1999, 2003 & 2007  for North Tayside
  • Unsuccessful for Westminster 1997 for East Lothian & 2001 for North Tayside
  • Only ever gets into Holyrood as a list MSP.

Yes, she has changed parties, but then so did his colleague ex-republican, ex-independence supporting (and also list MSP)  Adam Tompkins. Of the two I know which one I prefer.

Today he has called the Green party a bunch of “lentil-eating, sandal-wearing watermelons” after they worked out a compromise with the SNP allowing the Scottish Government’s budget to pass its first stage. I think not getting a £400 tax cut (£8/week)  is a burden I would be more than happy to shoulder if I made over £43k per annum.

I also think I’d still rather be called a lentil-eater that than “Tory”

Then, and you have to watch this, he had his arse handed to him most ably by Ivan McKee

Turns out his knowledge of the Laffer Curve is at the same level of expertise as Ferris Buller’s.

He’s a totally odious little shite who pushes the sectarian line as a game. When “Ruth Harrison” – hey her London Masters can’t be wrong – talks about fratricide she maybe should look closer to home for the suspect. (Yes, I’m still angry over her fucking stupidity  using language like that)

No matter how much they try to talk up a Tory resurgence in Scotland with those two on their front team it’s a no-hoper. All they can appeal to (and I use that term loosely) are the hard-line unionists of the type you will see featured in a current Scottish film.

There may be some good “small c” conservatives out there but I’m not sure they can be still classed as “good” while they support this out of control hard-line BritNat party that panders to UKIP. The austerity, the sanctions, the targeting of the disabled that’s what they voted for.

What’s happening in England will happen in Scotland if we don’t get away. I moved up here 4 years ago and the difference was staggering, this is a different country.

And I have to say to people like Fraser is if you think the UK is so amazing why not do what I did and move? If Scotland is so incapable, get out now. Or are you afraid that you will be viewed as a “tenement Scot” by the establishment?

The Cringe shocked me when I moved up – how can anyone not have confidence in their countrymen & women? Now I no longer feel pity for those that suffer from it I despise them.

Get. Off. Your. Fucking. Knees.

And now I’ll go back to muting the cockwomble.







3 thoughts on “Mini-Johnson

  1. jamescaine709

    Murdo Fraser, the self proclaimed poor man’s Michael Portillo, really, that’s what he’s written on his Twitter profile page, speaks volumes FFS.


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