Just stop

Some things go round the twitter bubble and I think “Nope, don’t go there. It’s just chatter, it means nothing, joining in just wastes your time.”

Yesterday (and this morning) was one of those occasions, because Daisley is back and now writing for the Mail.

Mondays are becoming the day when I avoid the newspapers. Bad enough Torrance re-submitting his article every week – blah, blah, blah,  SNPbad, honeymoon over but this week we’ve had the return of Pugboy and now the Scotsman seems to got bored with just publishing  Jill Stevenson’s letters every week and gave her a column. [Maybe I should call people a cunt more often?]

It’s not so much Daisley and his “Look at me, I’m a martyr, I’m being silenced – only able to write for a national paper on  weekly basis” that has irritated me – the silencing seems to be literally deafening – it’s the fucking morons who’ve re-tweeted him.

That’s 3 elected Labour representatives praising a right-wing troll writing in the Mail.

They talk about him as though he’s some great journalist, apart from hassling some kid while at the NOTW what has he done except offer opinion. Jeez, I do that and I sure as hell am not a journalist.

Murray’s letter from John Nicholson is here – not what I’d say is threatening in any way, and yes I agree with him, many journalist are lazy. How often do we see press releases printed up as articles unchecked? How many offer right-of -reply?

Daisley wasn’t even sacked from STV. His writing was embarrassing his employer and he was given the option of being an editor or an opinion writer. He made his choice.

He’s found his level at the Mail, now he’ll be able to fully take part in the ScotPol circle-jerk that we get instead of nuanced debate. I’m sure he and Dacre will be very bitter happy together. (Still waiting for the slew of articles from the frat club condemning Cameron for trying to sack Dacre.)

As for Jenny Marra’s “insidious and  dangerous implications of  SNP rule” FFS get a grip woman. It’s good to tell she’s a list MSP with little or no chance of losing her seat. Didn’t see you complaining when Labour held the majority of council, MSP & MP seats.

It’s as bad as the One-party state line

OED defines that as:

A state in which power is held exclusively by one political party.

Which is strange as COSLA seems to disagree

Councilsort icon Political control
Aberdeen City Council LAB/CON/IND Coalition
Aberdeenshire Council SNP / IND / LAB Partnership
Angus Council SNP Majority
Argyll and Bute Council INDEPENDENT / LIB DEM / CON and Non-Aligned Members Coalition
City of Edinburgh Council LAB/SNP Coalition
Clackmannanshire Council Labour Minority
Comhairle nan Eilean Siar INDEPENDENT
Dumfries and Galloway Council LAB Minority
Dundee City Council SNP Majority
East Ayrshire Council SNP/CON Coalition
East Dunbartonshire Council LAB/CON Minority Coalition
East Lothian Council LAB/CON Coalition
East Renfrewshire Council LABOUR/SNP/IND Coalition
Falkirk Council LAB/CON/IND Coalition
Fife Council LABOUR Minority
Glasgow City Council LABOUR Majority
Highland Council IND Minority
Inverclyde Council LABOUR Minority
Midlothian Council SNP & ONE IND Coalition
Moray Council IND/CON Minority
North Ayrshire Council Labour Minority
North Lanarkshire Council LABOUR Majority
Orkney Islands Council INDEPENDENT
Perth and Kinross Council SNP Minority
Renfrewshire Council LABOUR Majority
Scottish Borders Council SNP/IND/LIB DEM Coalition
Shetland Islands Council INDEPENDENT
South Ayrshire Council CON Minority in p/ship with LAB
South Lanarkshire Council LABOUR Majority
Stirling Council LAB/CON Coalition
West Dunbartonshire Council LABOUR Majority
West Lothian Council LABOUR Minority

Or don’t councils count any more?

ANYONE who comes out with that shite or anything similar should be made to do lines or something. Maybe wear a dunce hat. I dunno. They’re idiots.

Honestly I’m going to start asking to see their SNP membership cards, because obviously living in a one party state they must be a member.  I doubt people go on the internet in North Korea or China complaining about the political situation there or at least not for long.

For an opposition politician to say it? It doesn’t make you sound oppressed, it makes you sound useless.

Is it any fucking wonder Labour are tanking in the polls. Just stop it.

Instead of carping from the sidelines, coming out with absolute shite and then whining when you are called out for it (that’s not being silenced, it’s pointing out your idiocy or lies) do something positive.

I’m a member of the SNP, I know they aren’t perfect. I know there are improvements needed. I want them to be better. That needs an effective opposition.

So stop sucking up to the journalists and their “queen” and be a FUCKING opposition.

Challenge, get your sums (or dates) right, don’t just go for quick and stupid sound bites. It may look good on the 6 o’clock news but it does fuck all for the governance of Scotland and 9 times out of 10 it backfires.

THIS is why no-one believes you any more, why you are seen as second rate time-servers.

I am so bored of this; bored of waiting for Labour to discover it’s ethics and backbone.


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