Checking In


I’ve been reminded that I’ve been truant re my blogging again.

Whilst this is due in part to me taking on a few more things than normal the main reason is I find anything I start just reverts into repetitive ranting and if it bores me I’m pretty sure it will bore you too.

Most mornings start with a quick check to see what Trump has done/cut back/insulted – it is scary how easy this could become normal, which is part of the bastards’ plan.

This last week the morning facepalm has been interspersed with whatever Nutall & UKIP have come out with. UKIP might be falling back to fringe party status (not if the BBC have anything to do with it) but as they’ve dragged the Tories so far across to the right does it matter anymore?

These by-elections in Stoke and Copeland have reinforced my opinion that England and Scotland are on two different and greater widening paths. And it doesn’t matter how much Kezia Dugdale and her dying branch office bleat about federalisation it isn’t going to happen. Even if Labour got into power in Westminster (can’t see that happening anytime soon) they were the party that blocked the devolving of powers and taxation during the Smith Commission.


They repeatedly say they are listening to the electorate but they sure as hell haven’t heard anything. 14% in the latest poll in Scotland. Fourteen percent! The party who used to weigh their ballot rather than count them they were so ahead of the opposition. But that wasn’t a one-party state, oh no. *rolls eyes* (seriously I need emojis )

The Tories are being bastards as usual. Phillip wanker Davies tried to filibuster another bill today. The Preventing and Combating Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence Bill, ratifying the Istanbul Convention.

Any for anyone about to say men also suffer violence in the home the Council of Europe state:

Because it is not only women and girls who suffer domestic violence, parties to the convention are encouraged to apply the protective framework it creates to men who are exposed to violence within the family or domestic unit.

Davies is at the forefront in this country of the right-wing dickheads who want to see the rights of women and minorities eroded.  They want their privilege maintained; well they can fuck right off.

I’m trying to avoid a “you get shit on when you vote Tory” rant because it’s not like I haven’t done that before. Copeland voting Tory when they are already fighting to stop their maternity hospital being downgraded is madness. Hunt will be there swinging the axe in the near future and they only have themselves to blame – that also goes for the 49% who didn’t vote.


There is always an alternative – it may be a lesser evil, but the important word is lesser. OR if you dislike all that’s on offer that much get off your arse and form a party that does.

The government (of any political colour) doesn’t really want elections or democracy, they want a passive electorate that doesn’t take an interest. Grassroots politics is the way to make change and I don’t mean ex-Tories bankrolled by millionaires wearing flat caps.

It may be run of the mill but take an interest in your local council, your community council, local groups or specific cause activism. You can support action in more than one issue at a time.

Nothing ever changes is not a get out because nothing will ever change until someone stands up and says I’ve had enough of this crap.


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