All gone


I honestly thought Corbyn could turn around the Labour party (not in Scotland – they are in the main un-reformable troughers and nothing will regenerate them until after indy, when hopefully the stiff-necked dinosaurs give up their vice-like grips on the party.)

I was overjoyed when he won the leadership the first time and despite his lack of progress against the PLP was happy when he won again.

His response to Brexit has disappointed me (huge understatement) but ultimately his attitude to Scotland has been the slow drip eroding my confidence.  Originally I gave him the excuse that he was being briefed by bitter Scottish Labour ex-MPs / MSPs *cough* Sarwar (aka the man inflicted on Glasgow through the list system despite getting his arse well and truly kicked in 2016)

His general lack of interest in Scotland shows through


How many times can you come out with shite see the response it gets and not wonder about your source of information?

There is no demand for independence – bollocks, 45% voted for it last time and 62% want to stay in the EU. There is churn between those groups but it is a question that will not go away and denying it makes the unionists look stupid.

Then he constantly blaming the Scottish Government for Tory cuts. Weird how he doesn’t blame the Labour Welsh Executive for the cuts in Wales. At least our MPs vote against the government, Labour’s abstaining does fuck all good.

He talks about how Labour being the party of Kier Hardie – the man who supported Home Rule for Scotland – but I remember the Labour Party who introduced student tuition fees, the Bedroom Tax and of course the Iraq war. I know Corbyn was against that but too many of the fuckers who supported it are still in the Labour party and yet he tries to work wih them whilst refusing to work with other moderate/progressive parties.

I’ve tried to hold on to that ebbing flame that he’d be good at turning the party round but the absolute final straw came today


So he’s saying what? Scotland isn’t socialist enough without England – because that’s not my experience.

Fuck sake, yesterday we had Sadiq Khan calling independence supporters racist  – And I’m not going there because there have been so many good blogs and articles pointing out what a huge pile of steaming shite that is.

I’m not sure what head office are playing at but they seem to be determined to finish off their Scottish branch, not that it’s going to take much.

It was estimated that around 250 people attended Corbyn’s speech so  it seems churlish to mention how many were there when Nicola Sturgeon spoke at the SNP 2016 autumn conference but fuck it – it was rammed. The queue to get in was huge – I’ve been in shorter ones at stadiums.

If Labour can treat what was one of its staunchest heartland with such contempt, if it can belittle these people in order to gain points with the right-wingers down south, fuck em, fuck all of them. If I was in England I’d vote Green.


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