All those damn mountains


Argyll & Bute:  So far I’ve only made it up to Oban and Seil, but my god the scenery is breathtaking.

So why did the local Council put this out today?

Investment: it’s a good thing, especially in transport and leisure; bringing the tourists in, leading to business growth.

No problem with that; so which piece of glorious scenery or tourist attraction did they use?


A Vanguard class submarine.

What’s the strap-line “Come to Helensburgh, you’ll leave with a warm glow”?

The image has been used because the investment is from the MoD –  which is why  our Governor General with his inane grin is there. The cabinet tea boy being the only Tory MP gets wheeled out for all these sorts of things showing us what we get as part of Great Britain; WMDs and food-banks.


Now I may be wrong but I’m pretty sure when people are picking out tourist destinations they don’t go for the one housing nuclear weapons.

Honestly I think this was a stupid idea from the council.  Their tourism department must be wondering why they bother.

Wild about Argyll

You know  I may have an answer for that.


I’ll leave you with, in my opinion, some better representation of the locality.

Image result for Argyll & ButeImage result for Argyll & Bute

Image result for Argyll & ButeImage result for Argyll & Bute

Image result for Argyll & Bute

Image result for Argyll & Bute






3 thoughts on “All those damn mountains


    My mum lived in Oban for many years – it was always amazing to drive all the way from Yorkshire up to Scotland and and through the mighty Glencoe past the Custard Cafe (probably long gone by now, sadly) . Wonderful climbing and walking with the Leuchars MRT team was a great bonus. Safe as houses despite how terrifying the climb appeared. Striding Edge on Helvellyn, Blencathra, Pinnacle Ridge v scary the Aonach Eagach my greatest achievement along with the many ascents of Ben Nevis on a variety of different routes. I could never have done this without my then boyfriend Julian Wiliams who was a magnificent climber and leader. Now one hip operation later and two knee ops on the horizon through arthritis, I doubt I’ll get up any of those routes ever again. For me, next year, it will be a nice level walk along the Camino de Santiago.


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