It’s been quite nice here today, so I thought I would venture outside. We moved just before Christmas; the place had been empty for a while and the garden looks like it has only has a minimal attention for a number of years.

This has meant that one of the hydrangeas has been allowed to dominate a corner. These aren’t one of my favourite shrubs to start with, a bit over showy.

I attacked it.

You know what it’s like when something has been allowed to continue its own merry way without supervision.  Too much going on, branches sprouting everywhere rubbing each other up the wrong way. It can damage the plant and isn’t a good look.

It was time for drastic action before the new buds come. I’ll admit some of the good had to go in order to see where the deadwood was – sometimes you need a good clear out to see just how tangled the mess is in the centre.

I’ve got a lot cleared today but had to stop when my secateurs broke, sometimes the tool you think you needed just isn’t strong enough. Doesn’t mean I’m going to give up, not being beaten by shrubbery.

Anyway, back to politics tomorrow…


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