Is there anybody there?


I was at the SECC yesterday with @DefiAye; we’d bought tickets to a vibrant, well attended event full of people brimming with ideas and ready to take them out int the world. No, we weren’t on drugs at the Tory Party conference, we were at the Hobbycrafts Show.

To be honest I had been a bit nervous heading there – the last time I’d been at the SECC had been for the SNP conference – so I had  expected that there would be Tory delegates milling around outside. I wasn’t aiming for an argument, but at the same time I wasn’t going to de-badge my bag (for one thing it takes too long) and I couldn’t imagine my SNP, Yes, CND, anti-Trident, anti-austerity collection would be popular if seen.

But there was no one there!

Well, that’s not quite right, there was a small protest (as the most were planned for today) and a similar sized contingent of Police – the 4 standing outside the SECC entrance grinned sheepishly when I commented it was a bit heavy-handed for a craft fair.

Checking my Twitter feed it became apparent that it wasn’t just outside the venue that was deserted.

By today it appears the delegates were being herded into the front of the hall to make the hall look fuller for the cameras.

The general points coming out from the two days seems to be that the Union is wonderful, Brexit is the best thing eva, we shouldn’t be divisive and the SNP should get on with the day job. While at the same time trying to ignore crises in the English NHS, prison system, education, Northern Ireland elections, etc.

Oh and housing benefit has been cut for 18 -21 year olds (don’t plan your independence kids) as has support for the recently bereaved – as if being widowed isn’t hard enough already.

The difference between Labour and Tory conferences is that Labour had a more realistic idea of how many would turn up. Still gaps but they did pick a suitable size venue. The Tories however seem to have fallen for their own hype. They come to Glasgow where they scraped Tompkins and Wells in as 6th & 7th list MSPs and then book the SECC.

I can’t imagine any of the WM ministers being overly impressed with the pitiful turnout and I wonder if the shine will be coming off Davidson’s reputation down there. There was a good post on that today from  Autonomy Scotland.

When I saw this from Ali, there was only one reply that came to mind.


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