It’s been almost 2 years since I wrote this for AnyVoices. I’m still not quite sure how it happened, I’d never written before (and it shows) but it led to this blog, which is a great aid to my sanity.

I wrote it in June 2015 when we had 56 SNP MPs finding their feet and causing uproar at the same time in the Palace of Westminster.

Looking back I was still angry at Labour at supporting the Union and that bloody useless Vow – which is nothing compared to the levels of contempt I hold for them now. As I’ve said before the only reason the LibDems (spineless dopes) have any resurgence now is due to Labour’s complete collapse in England, same as the Tory revival up here.

The two faces of conservatism in the UK is getting harder and harder to maintain. No matter how many cunning camera angles the BBC used to make their conference look full, the party is still less than half the SNP in the polls.

Davidson may want to be First Minister – and what kind of FM would she be? Holyrood would become the equivalent of glorified district council. Whatever decisions made at WM she would wave through; she already wants fishing & farming powers from the EU to go there.

Like May she was a Remainer – unlike May she argued passionately for it, but now as always she puts her career and the UK party first.

She tried to distance the Scottish Tories from the main party during the Holyrood election – I half expected to see the “Ruth for a stronger opposition Davidson Party” being listed with the Electoral Commission because you needed a magnifying glass to spot Conservative on any of their leaflets then.

But this year she’s bellowing that they are the Conservative & Unionist Party – the woman is obsessed I tell ya. The rhetoric has definitely gone up a level. More aggressive.

She playing to the hard-line unionists. And any that swap from Labour to Conservative to keep the British state – looking at the fucking state it’s in – well you weren’t very socialist to start with.

I fucking hate the Tories. I hated them under Thatcher, Major and Pigboy – but May – she’s the worst of the lot.

A horrific Home Secretary and a dangerous Prime Minister. She curries favour with dictators (and the moronic mandarin who would be a dictator if he got the chance) as a cushion of the clusterfuck that is Brexit.

As for Human Rights, compassion & dignity – we don’t need those anymore they get in the way. We’re going to be global! Aye right

So back to the point of this piece – when living in England I used to describe myself as British, groups such as the EDF, UKIP, NF horribly tainted the idea of England for me with their hatred and small-mindedness. But coming to Scotland made me realise how often Britain and England are used interchangeably and that for many of Britain is England+.

British no longer stands for inclusiveness and tolerance – if it ever really did. Grandmothers deported, students under threat of the same, our society being eroded by finger-pointing and blaming of minority groups and benefits being cut or removed whilst big business carves up our services for obscene profits.

And at the same time the UK debt grows. These bastards are creating misery for so many and they don’t even have the tissue-thin excuse that their austerity is working. They aren’t doing it as a bitter-tasting but effective medicine, they are doing it fo the sheer hell of it.

I said during the last IndyRef that it wasn’t going to be easy – that despite all this many resources Scotland would have work ahead but it would be worth it. To have a fresh chance to build something new, to start from scratch. Things like a simplified taxation system (less chance of avoidance) a better social security system (it would be quicker to build a new one from scratch than tinker with the 15% we’ve been given) A written constitution in itself would be something.

Last week Khan spoke of solidarity with people in England but I can’t remember seeing that solidarity reciprocated. English news shows fuck all about what is happening here – with even less for Northern Ireland as their election coverage his week made very apparent. For many the priority is putting themselves and England first as the EU ref vote showed.

So politically and geographically I am a NewScot and as my accent shows no sign of ever softening I am undoubtedly an English Scot. And you know what? That is a label that fits comfortably, one I (and others)  can live with.

My past and my future.

Image: Pexels


3 thoughts on “Re-visiting


    I’m not sure you can blame everyone for Brexit. Many, many English people loathe what has happened – we don’t want Theresa May, we don’t want scarifying austerity for our children. We don’t want lying, double dealing politicians . There are mendacious politicians in every party Our conservatives took us out – none of us voted for them. We lost. But let’s not pretend there were massive lies told to us and quite a lot of post truths. You can hate all the English if you like but I’m sure there are useless Scottish politicians just as there are mendacious English politicians . Can we not try to be the ones who we are and not condemn other people wholesale ?


  2. oh we have lying Scottish politicians too don’t ever doubt it, David Mundell and Alistair Carmichael immediately spring to mind. Scotland independent will not be some panacea for all ills but at least the mistakes we make will be ours to fix or fall by, not some tory party policy foisted on us by people in another country. England (and Wales) have set their feet on a path I do not wish to travel down, so for me independence is the only option, I don’t hate the English, I too was born in England, my husband, my children, my parents, all English, I just don’t wish to be a part of England’s story any more, I see a better way so I too consider myself NewScot or EnglishScot now


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